Domestic rainbow -4 UAV remote control to improve the precision of hitting thousands of miles away

Rainbow UAV system photoelectric reconnaissance stability precision rainbow -4

· 2016-05-31 19:44:04

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of Beijing in May 31, (Yan Jiaqi) in mid May, Chinese Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group eleven rainbow UAV test team in a test base in Beijing and the west, has jointly completed two sorties of the "rainbow -4" UAV Satcom targeting test, test complete success. The test means "rainbow -4" UAV system from years ago, transmission of information to combat reconnaissance control across, effectively enhance the "rainbow -4" police hit one of the drones weapon system operational effectiveness can be thousands of miles away in remote reconnaissance and missile attack, at the same time the photoelectric payload of HD to improve the precision of target positioning and combat.

it is reported that the two tests are controlled by a Western test base station horizon UAV landing in Beijing by the satellite command control station main control task, the target area in the west near distance test base, Satcom command control station distance more than 1000 kilometers, the entire test satellite signal stability, normal communication, image clear and smooth transmission, the AR-1 missile hit the target accurately.

for this trial, the first time the "rainbow -4" UAV system equipped with the existing photoelectric reconnaissance load and AR-1 missile, the first satellite targeting test. The horizon ground station control of UAV takeoff and landing test, satellite ground station is within 1000 kilometers through the relay satellite data link control of UAV weapon targeting test, the real implementation of the "rainbow -4" UAV system over the horizon control and information transmission.

"rainbow -4" unmanned aerial vehicle measurement and control and information transmission system using C/UHF dual band line of sight data link to carry out the real-time transmission of UAV remote control, telemetry, tracking and positioning and reconnaissance information. Limited by the distance of the wireless TV, the maximum distance of the line of sight distance is 250 km. In this experiment, the rainbow -4 satellite relay data link of UAV system over the horizon control and information transmission, as long as the beam in satellite antenna coverage, communication distance and geographical conditions, can meet the UAV flight task in large-scale maneuvering and long-distance data transmission requirements, compared with the horizon data chain, have obvious advantages.

in the process of test, Satcom satellite antenna automatic tracking, during the flight of UAV, especially in UAV hovering in the process of large angular velocity, keep the satellite stable tracking, telemetry signal and reconnaissance image is stable and smooth, ensure the target test smoothly, show that the "rainbow -4" the man-machine SATCOM relay data chain system performance is stable and reliable.

second vehicles test "rainbow -4" equipped with a new generation of photoelectric reconnaissance payload and AR-1 missile test and load performance of photoelectric reconnaissance and existing weapon system compatible with the situation. The test shows that a new generation of high-definition photoelectric payload has better performance in various aspects: first, the visible light image from analog video upgrade to 1080P HD digital image, the image quality has been significantly improved, the typical target detection range up to 20 km; two, infrared detector upgrade and equipped with a new generation of optical system. Upgrade from the original three field switching mode for continuous zoom control, operation more convenient, the image quality improved significantly, the typical target detection range up to 18 km; three, the use of a new generation of servo control technology and target tracking technology, enhance the system tracking ability, the whole system stable precision is improved, to further ensure the weapon system hit precision; four, the internal integration of high precision inertial navigation system, improve target positioning accuracy; five, using automatic focusing, optical zoom, Image enhancement technology, to further enhance the image quality and system operation convenience.

photoelectric reconnaissance payload is the core component of the monitoring system, which has the function of battlefield reconnaissance, target dynamic monitoring, laser ranging, laser pointer and so on. Affected by domestic technical conditions, the blockade of foreign technology and equipment embargo, "rainbow -4" existing photoelectric reconnaissance load even after real test has better performance, but compared with the international similar products, the performance index still has certain disparity, demands higher performance more and more users of photoelectric reconnaissance load.

for changes in market demand, the Institute urge the relevant supporting units to develop a new generation of high definition optical load.

new generation HD optical load will be the future of the Rainbow series of unmanned aerial vehicles, the main optoelectronic products. The test shows that a new generation of high-definition photoelectric payload function and performance indicators comparable to similar international high-end products, and compatible with the existing weapon systems is stronger than similar products in the international market competitiveness.

beyond the horizon satellite control capability is also conducive to the further development of the "rainbow -4" UAV system in the civil field. At present, more and more areas of civilian UAV applications that favor, but because of lack of visibility, control horizon distance constraints and other reasons, many industries are still in wait-and-see attitude of the UAV application. Beyond the range of control will break through the restrictions, to further enhance the feasibility of the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in the civil industry.

"Wei Tong + HD load" in the future will become a "Rainbow" UAV brand another weapon, the "Rainbow" series UAV to further develop the market will have a profound impact. It is reported that

, the "rainbow -4" UAV system by Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group eleven Research Institute, used wheel movements, autonomous control, task use diversification, strong load capacity, endurance performance, take-off weight of 1300 kg, 345 kg load capacity, ceiling 4000 meters, the life time of 35 hours, can perform intelligence surveillance reconnaissance tasks can also be mounted light weapons, to achieve the fixed target on the ground moving target speed and precision strike. At the same time, can be equipped with different loads to achieve emergency communications, aviation geophysical, marine rights, scientific research and other civilian areas. The rainbow -4 UAV drone drone heavy ability to mount the currently open Chinese strongest, optimal flight performance, the overall performance index is higher than the United States "predator A" UAV system, in the same type of non leading human-computer, represents the highest level of China development of UAV technology.

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