Chris Leaf: it is difficult to say the amount of light weight

Leaf Chris light weight tie rope

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want to say today is the Chris Reeve Professional Soldier

product parameters:

brand: Chris Reeve Chris Reeve

model: the full-length Professional Soldier

tool: 18.4 CM

blade length: 8.5 CM

: 0.42 CM

thick knife knife width: 2.94 CM

hardness: 58-59HRC

handle material: S35VN

origin: United States

knife knife:

weight: 85.5 g

Professional Soilder show a positive light tactical knife is a knife maker Bill Harsey in cooperation with the CR lightweight classic knife factory a professional military tactical knife knife grip The handle in the middle area of a hollow cutting machine near three points, so the design can significantly reduce the body weight, the shape of hollow ring wrench chains can be just as 5/8 the size of the feet.


flat blade display design, convenient to carry and hide. The handle wrapped around a nylon rope, is to execute the task can be randomly selected by the tool, but also a nylon rope buffer, the blade is to avoid a hard object or ground sound.

Chris Reeve, this Professional Soilder light tactical knife knife blade material for high performance S35VN stainless steel after Satin polishing treatment, surgery with concave grinding method, the grinding difficulty is very high, but can get the most sharp knife.

tip for lamb shaped knife head (Sheep foot Blade), high security. The knurled notch allows users to more accurate and more powerful operating knife back.

integrated with hollow handle processing, not only reduce the body weight and reduced grip hand sweating situation. Hand wavy allows the user to better grasp the product, and finger grooves on the two sides of that backhand using the tether holes are very comfortable

Professional Soilder light straight shank end tactics are tied on a black nylon rope cutter sell occurs when used to prevent.

finally come to a setting according to this picture, to highlight the "I" (Professional Soilder light tactical knife) is how to have personality, have wood has?

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