Durant after teasing curry would love to see him from the defense: Westbrook


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Beijing time May 27th, the Western Conference finals in fifth games, the thunder 111-120 away enemy warriors. After the game, the thunder Dewey two less for the warriors star Stephen Curry's defensive ability is disdain.

although the thunder in the away game lost the ball, but Durant on the thunder in the overall performance of the game feel satisfied.

"we played a lot of confidence, a lot of courage and tenacity." Adu said the audience got 40 points.

after the game, thunder coach Donovan criticized the referee's blow, and that the thunder did not get enough free throws. In this regard, Durant has a different view.

"I think we have a good shot in the game, but we lost it. We had a very good out of the cell phone." He said, "not just because of the number of free throws. In this game, we have many rounds should be able to grasp better."

he added: "we can't relax. We must remain vigilant, we must play better."

today, the thunder headed guard Westbrook still produce a terrorist data list, he scored 31 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists and 5 steals. "This guy is just like a tornado," says Cole, a

warrior commander in chief. He's different from anyone else in the League."

round series, Westbrook with a powerful impact on the suppression of curitiba. The field after the game, when asked about the library as a defender is underestimated, Westbrook suddenly laughed. At the same time, Durant replied: "he (Library) is very good, but he can't stop top guard. I would love to see him go for a bit against Russell (Westbrook)."

this game, the thunder team a total of 91 shots, two of them less arranged 59 times, but hit only 23 balls. When asked if they were a bit more than a bit, Durant countered: "no, this is us. We have to stay aggressive. When we throw these balls, you don't ask. But in some games, we can throw the ball. But we are aggressive and we have a chance to win the game. Whether you like it or not, this is the way we play."

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