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Chinese hackers

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back from Macao, I have been thinking about a problem, Chinese hackers in where?


things is of course not long ago I went to the hacker community in Macao organized by the" Avenue of stars "-" great Macao "GeekPwn2016 hacking contest as the only media interview, in the interview, Yang Jie saw a lot of people excited and shocking thing:



when we use every day in the router, in the hands of The whole army was wiped out. hackers, from ASUS to CISCO, and then to the common TP-link other more than and 10 models on the market of the router, all. A break this router ten Changting technology Yang Kun pointed out bluntly words, once your home router is compromised, basically all smart devices connected to the router can be controlled easily.


- another example of UAV was two 16 years old little meat easily, they won the contest" geek Spirit Award "trophy.

two small meat accompanied by their families to Macao, to their shock is the" hacker brother "spirit of perseverance: if a vulnerability can not crack, it will quickly find a loophole, often a number of loopholes to break together.



this contest, but also let me think deeply about these days, Chinese hackers more or less -- I got two answers, one is more and more, one is less and less......


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George Hotz" font-size:16px; font-family: > 

the bullfrog is a very big the ideal technology expert, he started to hold the great contest, the intention is to let an ideal -- young people who have the stage to show themselves.

the great contest organizers" big bullfrog " is a hacker I admire very much, because he what is the Chinese hacker community ecological problems

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in this contest, I and all the expert together and chat to a topic: hackers are now Chinese where, what is more, or less.


in my impression, China hackers have many kinds of faces, some technology is male, in the house, some like a teenager, some dirty beard, wearing a baseball cap, wearing pullovers, they most games, careless about dressing...... A few people gather together, each quietly in the name of the computer, all of a sudden a few people laughing together, a person will be on the side of a person said: you win!


actually China awesome contest, is to dig out the master such technology.


I heard Daniel frog said, in this contest, he was invited to a 26 year old famous hacker George Hotz (George Hotz) to Macao to participate in the competition, but because of George Hotz got an investment, something can not come, so I also regret not to see the world's top hackers style.


you may do what makes big bullfrog so seriously can't imagine the hacker: the 17 year old boy, the media described him as" the first break of Apple Corp (Apple) iPhone mobile phone system people, let anyone in, as long as the electric iron and a little knowledge of software can be used in other Att Corporation network (AT& T) custom iPhone. Later, he was the first to break through the SONY (Sony) PlayStation 3 is a very solid set of protective systems, the same cracked this product. Over the past few years, Hotz has been removed, want to determine what their next step, after a sudden thought of the idea of automatic driving cars, which may be his most daring hacker action to date."


Yes, the young hackers themselves" development "a automatic driving system, automatic cruise function like Tesla, and is used for highway, city road is not chaos.


big bullfrog wanted to dig out, attract talent, and he wanted to let these people find a chance to show themselves, and then find a together created the world, changing people's lives, these people not only skilled, and can stick to their bottom line"".

but it may become a luxury? According to China's current education system, Chinese hackers seem to be getting less and less...... Hackers no longer have the dream of it? Where are they?


from the Tencent computer network attack and defense team player Butler won the" most PA Technology Award "- they can completely control the SurfacePro4 Microsoft's latest products, but also to achieve one of the most horrible way: using Windows and Adobe Reader vulnerabilities, which give you a Adobe PDF file, you just move...... On the spot, the image captured by the Surface camera is uploaded to the hacker's computer - it is said to be the real world's advanced persistent threat APT technology.

hackers, or white hat?


these days, I kept asking the security personnel to some experts and manufacturers, but also to get some answers, although some are not willing to hear me.


some people say, of course, more and more hackers, now do the basic safety is hacker turned, others became" white hat".


Yes, most hackers are" white hat ", or many hackers only" play a bonus "interest - of course, this may be a problem Chinese hackers must face, is that you how can a decent living, and doing what I love to do within the scope of the law.

; blackbody; "the Macao black guest competition trophy is" weapon "can take on the plane?


most hackers are all too easy to find a job!" A famous company responsible for the safety of people feeling, understand the safety technology of hackers as long as a graduation or to BAT candidates, they can get a lucrative job, they have no need to support themselves through presentation skills.


but I think these hackers have not master skills to find the kind of bull frog" hackers "-- the real" hacker spirit "of the people.


in my opinion, the hacker spirit will make people do not care about gains and losses, but they pay great attention to the" social status ", walk on the edge of the law, some of their actions to prove their" technology "stronger than the other. Their logic or methodology is more correct than the other...... And their joy comes from the feeling of accomplishment after the defeat of the complex technology.


maybe, this is the great significance of existence -- to find those who are willing to take the technology as the trigger point of interest technology master, such as the Macao contest on the two wearing braces" little meat, big bullfrog trying to find those who are willing to change people's life through technology, is that these people tend to act on the basis of moral, rather than legal, " > "background: white" in the "New York guest" Hotz said in the article, "the law is enacted dumbass."



the future oriented, bullfrog hope discuss things related to artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence in the future if there are loopholes, hackers can use limit thinking to dig? Artificial intelligence is able to find a person's vulnerability (program and human itself) instead of people dig holes? Artificial intelligence can dig holes in their own vulnerability until the invincible powerful?


style= and George Hotz is echoed that very clever children think:" font-size:


" technology itself is not good and evil, "he said," technology is good, such as nuclear power, there are bad, such as a nuclear bomb. We let it be what it is, and what it is. Artificial intelligence also has the potential to kill us all, but we know that, if you stand on the opposite side of the science and technology, you will lose no doubt. select.

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(PS, although the geek contest Macao station ended, but the people were looking forward to October 24th held in Shanghai GeekPwn Carnival activities officially. Compared to the size of the Macao, Shanghai, believe that the difficulty of the participants and the participants will be more likely to be higher, more extensive!


, "all hackers to take a photo!

this is very powerful, is actually from the Internet's "" was hijacked!!! />

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