WWDC2016 Preview: Siri will be more "understand" you


CocoaChina· 2016-06-01 08:42:02

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(Business Insider) quoted the business insider reported before the acquisition of Apple Corp, the voice assistant VocalIQ on the accuracy of rigorous testing in the success rate of over 90%, while the mainstream voice assistant on the market Siri, Google Now and Microsoft Cortana, the success rate is only about 20%. After the British software startups Apple Corp was acquired in October last year, which marks Siri in precision and AI intelligence aspects will be improved significantly, and the upcoming WWDC apple is expected to showcase the latest research on success. />


test VocalIQ, Apple has Siri, Google Now and Cotana, and found the VocalIQ query in natural language processing complex has great advantages, such as a nearby restaurant ", China user requirements for children friendly, with parking lot and Wi-Fi service.". />

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