This "skin touch" black technology, can give you the product to increase the explosion point?

Product skin

qianrushizixunjingxuan· 2016-06-01 08:41:34

Apple Watch since the launch last year by the favor of many fruit powder.

put up force that is not to say no. />

then, recently saw the news that

double screen? Awesome!!

do not happy too early, at

; "this is not cheating you.. This style.. See 1 liters of blood on the spot crazy spit.. />


recently, a group of Carnegie Mellon University doctoral research so a new interactive system --


SkinTrack can be used to watch near the back of the hand or arm skin, become the new interface of human-computer interaction. />

without touching the screen, just touch yourself can control the smart watch

even suspending operation no problem

even across the clothes can feel Oh

cool! So we can directly in the arm happily to carry out various operations of the

you can paint

sliding on the application of

slide right slide play


digital dial, you can see very accurate to determine the location of

to APP drag and drop on the arm

Print" center; ">

and then click the skin can directly open the APP, amazing

< br />

you can also set quickly open an application or function of

Print gesture;" text-align: center; ">

playing angry birds is not cool burst

? Such interactive experience is not more than the above two screen design more reliable ha.. />


as principle you have a signal used to launch the ring and a watch strap induction.

"text-align: center;" when you use your fingers to touch the skin on the arm, ring will transfer high frequency AC signal to the watch strap, the system can be traced to the user's skin touch position, corresponding to a watch to make feedback.

1.6; "the technology is still there exist some defects, such as how to solve life problems, ring arm sweating on the signal interference problem, but I believe that the development team will improve as soon as possible. />

one in the technical development of the said: the great thing about

SkinTrack is that it is not a bit awkward, because watches and rings are people every day will wear very common accessories.

finally to see SkinTrack cool Demo Video -

Apple Watch 2 can be added if so cool, do not sell over..

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