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Since the new version of the

furnace, the game is divided into two modes of standard and wild, a large number of strong cards have returned to the environment. So what exactly is the pattern of wild mode, and in the end how many people play it, let's go and see. Since the new version of the

furnace, the game is divided into two modes of standard and wild, a large number of strong cards have returned to the environment. So what exactly is the pattern of wild mode, and in the end how many people play it, let's go and see.

we sent a brave legend to brave in the face of this game player is not cultivated wasteland since

hearthstone measured since, now it is my most exciting. The new standard model provides a wide range of space to create a wide range of space to create their own card group, which is also the case, the legend of the furnace to give people the feeling of mature CCG game.

like the Buddha riding like that once ruled environment has been banished to the deck, wild model. Most of the players are tired of the ubiquitous mud and harvester, for them this time is too late to split the environment. This begs the question, what are those wild model in play? The wild model how wild? In order to find out the answer to this question, my boss asked me to experience the 125 wild model. This is a story that made me fall apart. When you switch to

when the wild model from the standard model, the light suddenly dimmed, irregular vine climb on the background. Obviously, Blizzard wants you to know that you're going to have to face a difficult situation.

proved to be the most thrilling atmosphere for my first game, and after the line, I was matched to a holy knight. The first leg: meat rigor. The second round: shield robot. The third round: mobilization. Fourth round: harvester. Fifth round: silt. Sixth round: buddha. The seventh round: bang. I watched his magical perfect mana curve, I chose to surrender.

I am not surprised to find that I am in the wild mode of this wasteland. In the top 12, you will encounter a lot of game player card group to use their familiar -- such as the zoo warlock, Buddha ride, face SA, rhythm do daily tasks or leisure. At the same time there will be some strange thinking players in the test of their latest black technology card group. This is like a leisure mode better, at the same time, I feel a lot of game player will play around in the wild, and not feel tired of climbing the ladder.

in my wild mode of the second game, my opponent played a wild growth, connected to a star world communication. See in the fourth round opponent hit Ysera, I had to surrender.

#p#: #e#

of the wild, no "fin" does not have

with the level of increase in the middle class, the immature deck disappeared quickly. In a fast paced environment, I began to see the anti war and ice law. When I hit level 5, I found the wild model in that grade is a deserted village.

in some of the games at this stage, I match to the opponent from the 7 level to the legend of the top 100 players. In spite of the fact that I matched two times for more than 30 seconds, I often match to the same player two or three times in a row. I was tortured in the process, I began to remember I met 4 times, 5 times, 6 times the game player's deck, such as Reynolds ice in the queue to beat me two times, and the game player also lost character, or with a light screw Murloc ride. This season, I was the only one in the list of friends of the wild mode ranking higher than the standard model of the people.

in the course of my legend, I did not see any more than 150 of the legendary players, I predict this season at the end of the United States will not wear a wild mode of the game will have more than 200 legendary players.

with the back of the environment, Blizzard can print more new cards, and this may create a terrorist combo. Such a move could lead to some too strong decks appear in the wild model sooner or later. Are we at that stage now? I don't think so.

card group most of my face now are being developed in WOG before the arrival of the Buddha: ride, zoo, rhythm control method, animal husbandry, slave war. Most of the card group looks like a standard pattern card group, just joined the harvester, mud injection, and bang bang. Even if I met the adaptation card group standard mode of the latest like Aksun warlock or yogurt Sharon hunt. Even some game player (the wild) did not change their own card group. Even if the new version of the original card to make the original combo IMBA, at least I have not seen.

the content_img_p" in the wild can still hear the whispers of the ancient god

I have used the wild ancestors call combo + y'shaarj. In the fourth round to get a 10/10 and add a free slider or queen Sogs, explosive combo this spectacular may have the potential to dominate the wild model, but it is almost impossible for me. I have just met a person in trying this deck.

in order to be more efficient on the points, I adopted the Firebat proposal, instead of using the zoo. With the town members and the taboo ceremony is very powerful in the standard mode, but in the wild model with this card and the imp blasting is more powerful.

for those of the wild model curious people, the good news is that the wild model is not as predicted by the face deck. I see the paladin is almost two times the other decks, but only half of the Buddha ride. The rest is controlled and various versions of the knight riding a fish. The number of priests, soldiers, and wizards, hunters, and Shaman is about the same. From what I see, the druids and thieves almost does not exist in the wild mode. In fact this is a very balanced model, in the whisper version of the ancient god of the card through the players who are wise to screen, played a variety of strategies. All the cards in the talent shows itself from the herd like call, there are some moderate but practical cards such as blood and pus for eternal sentinel. Some card group dedicated to Buddha and brought Zhang Jie to ride, but I doubt its effectiveness. Cruel ghoul, whether in the wild mode or in standard mode are essential card warrior cards, let me very hate zoo card group. I am in the wild mode of the legend of the process, I also encountered all 4 ancient gods.

even for the control group, in the early stage of the curve using a number of strong followers, is to make the key card group.

ironically, now the standard model of feeling than the wild model more "wild", because in the construction of new card group can not use brain to fill the vacancy of the harvester and bang bang. And, of course, that's all in the surprise. Bang Bang and Dr. Lovu Seib announced to delete from the main game mode, let the stone from the furnace through hard work to get pounded the game player and Dr. Lovu Seib have received a lot of criticism.

wild mode is designed to allow them to continue to use all their cards without interference. I have to say that Blizzard's goal is successful because the current wild model is indeed a continuation of the furnace before the birth of the standard model. If my wild model ladder tour any representative, I can only say that in fact there are few people playing this mode.

what can let the wild mode bring you a unique and exciting feeling? A word, speed. If you look at the cards of other CCG games that do not return the environment, they have a game that is very short. For example, such as modern system of magic, known as the "4 round" mode, because there are too many cards can win in the round number. The reason is very simple: if you can hit a winning combo in the 4 round, you can beat the play card group combo in the fifth round to win.

in the current wild mode, most of the cool things will not happen before the sixth round. The 6 round is also very easy to face deck kill your time, this also means that even if you want to have a control deck, it must make some powerful strength in the same charge curve following in early.

people want to get rich is across the

mode with the emergence of more and more cards, offensive cards will become more and more efficient, more and more come round to kill early.

wild model environment will be more and more single, until we can see some combo to start before the face deck can also win the victory, and other people take full charge card so far. This situation is bound to happen sooner or later, then the wild model will no longer be the shield ground combat mobilization robot competition, but began to clear the combo card group, executes them horrible and sweet plan.

but now, I can't see any exciting things in the wild and ladder game mode. Now the standard model mostly from the wild, but with more diversity, Exteel is not enough to win.

as the standard mode of mature and stable, there is a part of game player may switch to wild model, but to legend on the needs of a large number of games, which means that there is little game player will also row of two ladder. Now the wild has successfully completed the standard on-line transition task, I expect a few versions of the future will be more dramatic changes in the wild.

I think Blizzard will not let wild model has been like a ghost town.

game player proposal if two models have ladder reward, naturally there will be more people to play, or wild patterns can reward some kind of medal collection, will make the model more dynamic game player love wild. In short, or to wait for official news of the next step ~

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