Papi sauce is blocked? Investors exclusive response: false!

Investors abusive star insulting

iheima· 2016-04-19 04:25:36

today a headline for the Papi sauce being SARFT banned Zhenyu 1200 million fear play ducks and drakes, the article said, "2016 the first net red Papi sauce was recently SARFT banned, video platform receives the notice of the State Administration of radio, film and television, the Papi sauce" series of works under the line, the reason for the 'directly, hinting, insulting language to express foul language, abusive language more content'. "< p > this paper also cited an official criticized the Papi sauce microblogging: this woman is red net" Papi sauce ", claiming to be" beauty and talent to the chicken soup for the soul of the leader. In the video, the female mouthful vulgar, vulgar, damages to young people all sorts of sarcasm, but on Youku attracted a large number of fans. Young people looking at these destroyed three concept video, network language listening to these vulgar vulgar heart, which will have poetry and distance? The relevant departments of the pipe. Sauce

papi at the end of last year became popular, by way of Tucao video of the rapid accumulation of popularity, at present, the microblogging fans more than 1000 million, and Papi sauce video in each big video website click playback volume nearly 3 million times. < p > this year on March 19, the dark horse of the i exclusive exposed net red Papi sauce obtained 12 million yuan of financing, investing Zhenge fund, logic thinking, source of capital and star capital.

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