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1.6; "a beautiful Lester Piano Concerto" love love "will be the scene of the guests to the infinite reverie, with live piano prince Lang freely flowing style of writing. The performance of the new AXON mobile phone, ZTE will unveil the secret 7 The veil.


cramped venue, the crowd, I do not know this is ZTE mobile phone deliberately create a noisy atmosphere, or 18 months have not released new flagship brought people more to look forward to, AXON secret 7 the conference looks lively and extraordinary.


is known as "ZTE big boy" ZTE terminal CEO Ceng Xuezhong who is still with Polytechnic male traces, slightly nervous on the stage. Conference to the resurgence of ZTE mobile phone in the domestic market performance of the reflection of the beginning: we have made a mistake in this era!"


compared to the old rival HUAWEI in the terminal market to enter the first echelon with the field of mobile phone ZTE mobile phone in the domestic market's performance is no good chen. Data show that in 2015, ZTE's global sales of 56 million units, only 15 million units in the country.


enter the mobile phone has 17 years of ZTE, has created the domestic mobile phone market, China cool together four a pattern. However, the market is so brutal, ZTE in the era of functional machine's success in the smartphone market but failure to predict, the inherent operational control mode, brand building short board and many other factors, ZTE mobile phone market is gradually seat with millet as the representative of the Internet companies to replace. Style= font-size: "16px

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"more than sales need to reflect on the user's word of mouth. Although ZTE this stupid enterprise encountered a fast time, but we still firmly believe that the market will not be wrong, the user will not be wrong, do a good job will not be wrong." Ceng Xuezhong said that the people are convinced that the strength of the people to do "boutique""!


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when Ceng Xuezhong said, ZTE mobile phone products with a maximum of 300 a variety of product quality, do not sell more, the greater the risk. Since the beginning of 2014, ZTE mobile phone to start internal adjustment "Appollo project", shrinking product line, to devote resources concentrated in the "NBA" - NUBIA product line (ZTE brand), BLADE (low-end young group) and AXON (high-end business) three series.


the release of the flagship AXON 7 is the secret, ZTE heavy weapons as "Renaissance" of the road. It is understood that the secret AXON 7 in the design is introduced on BMW's design team; the product is equipped with a 20 million pixel camera, HIFI audio technology, a variety of configurations are higher than similar models. Style= font-size: "16px

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"than the sales more important is word of mouth, we want to make 97 points of the product. Now the Chinese mobile phone market, 93 points, 94 points is the line of life and death, is very dangerous, 95 points, 96 points is a normal average, more than 97 points, is the flagship of the quality." Ceng Xuezhong said. Style= font-size: "16px

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"secret generation has achieved a good reputation and sales, global sales of 800 thousand. The secret 7, we hope to transcend 97 products, the sales target is 2 million." For AXON7 sales target, Ceng Xuezhong is relatively conservative, more important than the sales of quality and reputation."



had Xuezhong ZTE mobile phone can hope to a step forward, to win the market with quality and reputation.


2016 "


"practical surplus, shortage of young". Ceng Xuezhong, in public, summed up the reasons for the failure of ZTE in the domestic market: over reliance on operator channels, is a major failure of ZTE strategy.


"in the channel to control the power on, start is too dependent on the operator channel, and later on the market to give up too much, the other channel construction is not a day, this is a great lesson." Ceng Xuezhong has said in the letter to the company. "We have previously had a short board loss, this year we have adjusted from several dimensions, to strengthen the channels of investment." Ceng Xuezhong said.


operator is still one of the biggest influence of ZTE mobile phone channel, in cooperation with operators, ZTE mobile phone the custom OEM mode change mode, have more space to play in the product.


realize too dependent on operator channel short board, has become an important channel for the self channel strategy 2016 ZTE ZTE mobile phone, even in 2016 defined as in store". Ceng Xuezhong said ZTE's overall construction plan to build a 3000~4000 store, mainly to invest in open channels, the first tier cities will build 1~2 flagship store. Style= font-size: "16px > "

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change "will play"


technology known ZTE has been giving the impression of "old-fashioned, low-key, and recently in the" Wall Street journal "," people's Daily "over the full page ad, but let ZTE changed the past" low-key "style, the" high profile ".


Ceng Xuezhong said, "we don't understand marketing before, but this year through the introduction of professionals, have more resources in the brand and channel, also gradually know how to play, we just started a series of follow-up and brand planning, but also in the fast learning."


always do not understand marketing ZTE become "play up" brand Nubian $4 million for C with AXON signed endorsement; piano prince Lang Lang, the star of the eye effect is perhaps the most rapid ZTE brand influence quick way.



although since 2016, the global smartphone market is weak trend, apple, millet also appeared the trend of decline in performance, but this did not affect Ceng Xuezhong ZTE future market confidence, he believes that the intelligent mobile phone outlet is still not over, "the 2016 target of 6000~7000 million units, Chinese market back to three." Ceng Xuezhong vowed.


however, the overseas market, with the fight hand to hand with old rival HUAWEI, the domestic market, ViVO  OPPO, LETV, a large number of emerging brands are emerging, ZTE can tight encirclement, comeback, successfully achieve the "Renaissance"?

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