Angel million, 1 years for Taobao revenue 200 million, 3 times a detour through the bag of sugar, to the standard valuation of $2 billion 300 million Houzz

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the United States has an online home renovation program provider Houzz, done for 3 years, and now the valuation has been as high as $2 billion 300 million. This is enough to explain, from the end of the house to start the renovation of the "choice of housing decoration design" in the middle of the market in the end how much.

for the market acceptance of China conditions into consideration, Xu Honghu founded the soft outfit design scheme for Chinese market demand APP, a pocket of sugar, and has won the senior vice president of Tencent Wu Xiao light ten million angel investment and Tencent Guangdong Investment strategy.

Xu Hong told the tiger brother state, a pocket of sugar can be said to be a UGC soft attire is a center. A simple platform, all communication between users.

those who have the desire to share the users can upload their own home soft decoration, buy furniture, Home Furnishing attached links and articles, now these links to turn to Taobao, Jingdong or other online purchase channels, users will share the renovation program get a certain number of "beans" as a reward.

Xu Honghu said, only in the year of 2015, the number of turnover of a pocket guide to sugar to Taobao as high as 200 million, this is only the user's spontaneous behavior.

and those who want to decorate but have no suitable for users can be installed software reference solutions to others, and with the communication solution provider to get the information they need.

a pocket of sugar founder Xu Honghu

Xu Honghu told state this allows users to communicate their brother, the way to solve the problem of decoration.

after all is a heavy consumer decision-making decoration, coupled with individual factors in particular, to consider a variety of factors decoration product material, size, style, so let's experience with users share scheme is the most effective way.

but this model is also Xu Honghu road try try out, he is the first home improvement tools, is the user can freely match decoration scheme in APP, but not all users have good design ability;

later a pocket of sugar by tried to use PGC mode to provide design, edit their own products to buy collocation design, but the user will think that this is not the actual effect, so this model will give up;

later a sugar but also tried to design division scheme is also Rejected, Xu Honghu believes that the Chinese family to use the designer to decorate the program, but also four or five years of time.

online version of IKEA, but 2B

Xu Honghu also told the state elder brother, now a pocket of sugar is a user community, but also a precise traffic distribution platform, you can also say that it is a Home Furnishing design reputation distribution center.

this mode is similar to online version of IKEA, after the user selected the design of products can be purchased directly, but a sugar advantage is that UGC provides rich content. IKEA's home improvement program is only more than 100 kinds, and a bag of sugar can provide tens of thousands of.

with a pocket of sugar similar products are good, Tmall shopping guide platform is a platform and so on, but these also lack of social factors, can not meet the needs of users to communicate in Jiezhuang demand.

but Xu Honghu is adamant that a pocket of sugar will not do the electricity supplier, will not engage in their own decoration, just do a Home Furnishing decoration of the entrance, connecting users, designers and manufacturers Home Furnishing. However, if you want to make a Chinese version of Houzz, at this stage, the most important is to do a good job UGC content.

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