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in presided over the new conference millet, millet technology founder Lei Jun millet in broadcast to network anchor identity and tens of thousands of audience interactive chat. "Give your yacht, Ferrari, Porsche to other anchor, when the anchor is really hard. "In a live broadcast on the enthusiastic audience, just like a veteran of the red - no doubt, it is now a time for the whole people live.

is the majority of users, the Internet platform what is the hottest? Believe that the answer will be very consistent: network broadcast!

in fact, the webcast is not a new concept, early in the PC era will have six rooms, quack video, YY and 9158, and the two have been successfully listed at the time. At the beginning of 2014, the game has appeared in the field of TV, and the Dragon flag Betta live broadcast is to live the field of rapid warming. And with the national husband Wang Sicong founder panda TV strong into the board, tentacles TV, A station, B station and other fields of different areas of the growing rise of live platforms, began to gradually move towards universal. In the broadcast era of sina tide, we can be based on a hot news event in the broadcast platform to judge the degree of attention and influence, and vice versa.

live big era has arrived

everyone can live, the whole people live, the whole industry market in the rapid growth of the industry, the dimensions in the speed of expansion. According to statistics, in 2015 the market size of the network to reach 12 billion yuan, to 2020 the entire network broadcast market is up to 106 billion yuan of scale. FACEBOOK founder Zuckerberg in this year's F8 Conference on the expected: as of 2021, 70% of the mobile device traffic will be generated by the online live video". It can be said that the era of the big era of national Internet has come.

network broadcast has become a hotspot in the Internet industry, and be able to live the national ecological popularity is mainly based on the hardware and network conditions of soil under a new era of mobile Internet users seeking change of demand. In the big era of this live, everyone can live, everything can be broadcast, the audience and anchor interactive will be the world's real time link.

1) everyone can live

live actually in the early stage of development is not only the concept of the anchor and the party's platform, also relates to the anchor of the family or similar to the Broker Association concept, the "broker" need to carry out certification, assessment, supervision of anchor and so on, but also relates to the anchor and anchor recruit training. Although now, panda and other emerging Betta live platform Desalination Association, the family concept, direct contract anchor as its chief artist, but a series of peripheral anchor need still the industry around the past access threshold. However, the mobile broadcast threshold too low, directly to the mobile phone as a broadcast equipment, no additional purchase of professional equipment, there is no more requirements in the anchor of the individual talent, as long as the mood, at any time will be able to come up with mobile phone open broadcast mode. At this level, there is a greater imagination and development space for the content manufacturing and communication level.

2) everything can be live

regardless of the daily life of the scene or a specific event, can be broadcast content. Due to the characteristics of the mobile terminal itself, everyone can be anywhere anytime, anywhere, anytime, anywhere to cut into the live scene, we can define the current era of live. Recently, in many industries, such as the local conference show, we can see the audience even with the media broadcast platform broadcast live reports, which is outside the daily webcast directly reflected in the reports on the value of.

3) people and people of the modern intersection

network has been able to become the Internet users of the national carnival, more people in the modern life rhythm of the psychological needs of people. Network conditions and hardware device greatly reduces the technical threshold of the broadcast, and the emergence of network video broadcast is to meet the fast pace of modern life under the Internet users fragmentation of real-time social demand, which is fishing, cooking, and other network chat games live content can be obtained for different reasons as silk powder.

network broadcast live 2016 years, the summer ChinaJoy

if the webcast can be reflected to a certain extent a hot event in the heat on the network, in turn, we can also according to the hot events in each broadcast platform to determine the heat activity of each platform. There is no doubt that the 2016 summer most affected by the players and the industry concerned about the explosion is about to be held at the end of fourteenth in Shanghai, the 7 ChinaJoy this event.

as of now, the Dragon live, panda TV, TV, TV, tentacle Betta live, NiceTV, Bilibili, Sabine AcFun, China's most influential families first broadcast platform have been confirmed to attend ChinaJoy, presumably each will flourish in the exhibition site, show". In the WEB1.0 era, Baidu index, micro-blog heat probably can determine a heat event. And the time has entered 2016, recognized in the industry nationwide live years, we also need to determine the dimension of the increase in heat Z axis of a webcast, as we noted above, the webcast has been able to become the basis to measure the effect of a social activity, and vice versa.

from the first ChinaJoy in 2004 to fourteenth ChinaJoy in 2016, thirteen years, ChinaJoy has witnessed the development and changes of China game industry, with industry development adjustment, to follow the trend of the times. In 2016, ChinaJoy was given a new position: the world's largest game oriented, covering the field of Pan Entertainment (including film, animation, network literature) digital entertainment content display platform. Game development to the present, has been greatly expanded in depth and breadth, and the internal development of the game industry directly contributed to the transformation and upgrading of the ChinaJoy exhibition, as the new slogan "2016 ChinaJoy game of the new era, embrace the pan entertainment" - Pan entertainment will become the main tone of this year's ChinaJoy. The summer of July, a film star, gaming, anime, popular anchor net God will gather in ChinaJoy exhibition site, which also makes the ChinaJoy star bright, unique brilliance. On the other hand, from the newspaper and network information of text and pictures of the earliest, to a full range of video and television reports, and then to the era of live 360 degree dead webcast, ChinaJoy viewers also witness and step by step with the development of the times, people live into the tide of the times. If at this year's ChinaJoy meeting, you no longer see the changqiangduanbao, but reporters who were holding the self timer lever in the network anchor booth free shuttle, please don't be surprised - this is the new era of live ChinaJoy! A new era of

game, embrace pan entertainment in Shanghai in 2016 - summer, fourteenth ChinaJoy will come to meet us. You are ready to live in a big time, are you ready to live?

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