The other withdrew routine, and pursed "breast mouth" at MUA~


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not what than a photo album can record the flow of time, everybody should have one, was hidden in a drawer somewhere, only to be the day you open, those stories, just through time, again full of vigor and vitality.


photos of their own from a small look to slowly grow taller, scissors hand swing or a candid look, always inexplicable poke laugh. When the mood is always written on the face, was confiscated by the toy to stand in the corner and fell dejected, pouted anger on the lawn; wild free mischievously, Du mouth blowing bubbles; flew into the arms of her mother a lovely, duzui kiss...... From small to large, pictures and photos, there are countless pursed mouth moment, whether happy or unhappy, duzui always show different feelings in different time.


; in fact, duzui was a genius in many many years ago, when the newborn baby pursed mouth sucking mother's first milk, he began to have the skill. Duzui, is a natural expression of love. We still love pursed mouth take a picture now, because no matter how old, whenever he pursed mouth, as if into the arms of her mother's child, innocent and lovely would like to kiss.


1.6;" pay tribute to breastfeeding, mother help "duzui" have a good name: ", on Mother's day this year, launched the "milk mouth MUA" theme activities; and to cooperate with the United States took the camera and butter, common Thanksgiving love. If I love you more than I can say, without the flowers and cards on the "breast pursed mouth", like a child to sell adorable and give mother a kiss with ~

| "breast mouth" contest three battlefield "box-sizing: style= fancy MUA~


"breast mouth" contest in mom, " beauty and butter three platform launched in camera.


5 5 days, the mother took the lead in the war". "Have not heard of the" breast milk mouth "? But you'll do it! Don't believe it!" Through the topic and prizes set, effectively guide the platform of mothers thread drying out their breast milk or baby mouth "photos, browse the activity of posts is nearly 15W. At the same time, transfer the new concept of "milk mouth": in the past, every photo shoot duzui was abandon, now, finally can justifiably argue, this is "milk mouth", the baby is born with a talent!

this baby born with "~

APP "picture from my mother to help breast mouth, MUA" style= "box-sizing: theme user UGC

"as the second battlefield" beat the United States, on-line activities in May 6th. "Since then, the world's only female Milk mouth "as the theme, # breast mouth, MUA # as the topic, to encourage users to shoot the most creative" breast mouth "short video. Also the clever use of the interactive beauty shoot short video community good, my mother helped by the official account, " upload user focus of the mother to help employees "milk mouth" short video, enhance communication and help users in real time, "breast milk mouth" faster diffusion.


No "breast pursed mouth", how do you know my heart a spoiled baby adorable love to sell ~

picture from the United States beat mother Milk mouth, MUA "theme mom official account short video" box-sizing: border-box

picture from the United States beat breast mouth, MUA" style= "font-size: theme user


" display: inline-block; vertical-align: top; width: 50%; box-sizing: border-box; >

1.6; with the mother of fancy show loving way, today added a, others avoid, I want to play" breast ~

pictures from the camera" milk butter mouth, MUA UGC

another one, small ~

" breast mouth contest "Three Battlefield fancy MUA~, from different angles and levels to promote, sell adorable love play successfully" milk mouth "the word spread, and access to the user's identity. Quickly get a lot of attention on the camera on the line after 2 days of butter, harvested a total of 10 thousand + in volume over the same period in the number of participants took the mother to help us continue to increase, set off a wave of "milk mouth" and Slide Show hot topic.



< span style= "line-height: 1.6 >5.7, beginning at the WeChat platform centralized campaign. In addition to a large number of style= line-height: ">KOL


"weekend to do" editor Chen mobs

;" mother also help with the famous WeChat constellation analysis "fellow uncle" cooperation, with twelve constellation cartoon base adorable, emphasizing the inherent attributes of the combination of small adorable, Aries and "milk mouth" perfect, to guide more young people to participate in the May 8th mother's Day theme "breast H5 mouth, MUA".


"fellow uncle" >

" breast mouth, MUA "H5

" breast mouth, MUA "H5 used more fitting young people to upload their own style," milk mouth "photos, and wrote to numb his words, can generate the exclusive advertisement, can express love to mother by sharing circle of friends. In addition, these photos have the opportunity to display online. If the May 8th mother's day you pass by Shanghai Lujiazui Jinmao near, you can see the "breast mouth, MUA activity is Slide Show PA screen, high-profile love mom, which might have you get the" breast mouth "Oh ~


Shanghai Jinmao lifestyle center big screen


Jinmao big screen "mouth" high-profile MUA milk

1.6; "MUA" theme activities, from early to late a wide range of online pre online and offline interaction exchange, fun and there is love in the form of the concept of "milk mouth" popular in the mother's day. Mother to help create a new words to express my mother, Thanksgiving mother, but also to pay tribute to breast feeding. Mother's milk to the child protection, so that he has a more healthy body, a more brilliant smile and the "style= line-height:" MUA


family album, plus a few "breast mouth" ~


attached, "milk mouth" photo / video Raiders: first the cheeks puffed up and duzui, in Yan was more points, pro test, do not believe you try ~

" breast mouth, want to participate in MUA, click the "read" The original "~

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