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painted map technology (TuSDK) by iteration in the beginning of capital investment in October 2014 the seed stage project, then it quickly Long valued over 10 million in the last year, less than half of the time has been completed in the next round of financing. Recently, has been preparing a new round of financing.

more than 3 thousand B despite holding end customers, covering nearly 700 million mobile end users directly. But Hangzhou Micro Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tu figure technology) CEO Hu Dongping still insist on their own part of the product code to participate in the preparation, even for this work to the early hours of the morning.

in less than two years, the mobile terminal image Hu Dongping team developed enhanced service product technology to achieve the double figure with the number of customers and the valuation, and the introduction of nearly 6 million Angel round of investment. Behind this, is the Hu Dongping team excellent execution support.

perhaps, Hu Dong personally wrote the code behind the miniature flat is painted map technology successfully, when the team leader can dive down to focus on products they have developed, what did not reach the goal?

from PPTV to

from the Huazhong Normal University Department of art and design Hu Dongping, 2004 before graduation when he began to pound since, Hu Dongping holds persistent passion for research and development. But with the gradual growth of PPTV, Hu Dongping realized that he needed a more broad and free platform to support his ideas. So in 2007, PPTV moved to Shanghai by far the opportunity, Hu Dongping chose to leave, at home in Wuhan. Although he will continue to participate in the company's product development, but at that time, he had more space to display their ambitions.

since leaving after PPTV was founded in 2014 with science and technology, the middle for nearly 7 years Hu Dongping was busy self accumulation and a perfect story the real printing O2O project. In the process, Hu Dongping had a new idea.

" was a real printing O2O wind mouth not to, the company has encountered a bottleneck. The second is with their own interests at the original myself in PPTV related video work, he is more fond of writing program, one day does not itch writers (laugh)." Hu Dongping said.

and really helped Hu Dongping down to business again, is to promote a good friend of Wang Jianshi.

in Wuhan, Wang Jianshi had a profound friendship with Hu Dong, he came to Hangzhou in Hu first step, developed the" orange cow illegal "this product.

2014, the king invited Hu Dongping to visit Hangzhou market, Hangzhou policy, environment and resources has moved Hu Dongping, he determined to the east.

" I and Wang Jianshi began to sort out the industrial chain context, looking for entrepreneurial point. After thinking, still think that they should do this in the video field, this is my old job, but there is a larger space. In addition, do C side of the product competitors get together, pressure. And then a hot push also gave me inspiration, and finally I decided to develop a face B client image processing products.

" video before the reason do not familiar with, and change the image, because I think that compared to the video image, making participation threshold lower, this product for customer increment speed of beneficial. On the other hand, the image of the technology development threshold is high, which is conducive to our technology strengths, to form their own competitive advantage." Hu Dongping introduced road.

style=" background-color: RGB (255, 255, 255); "> east of Hangzhou, the establishment of science and technology

2014" in October, Hangzhou micro Wo Technology Co. Ltd. was formally established, only a month, the test version of the product TuSDK Declaration on the line.

Hu Dongping will be the product positioning in the mobile terminal service image personalization technology, image enhancement to the mobile terminal entrance, through static image enhancement and function Entertainment, enhanced services to provide one-stop image for App developers, so that developers can focus on product improvement and new development of the image module, replacing the menace from the rear.

TuSDK after the launch, Hu Dongping is facing a new problem, that is how to find more customers for their products.

" because our products for the B side, blindly advertising effect is not satisfactory. So we have to change a way to promote." Hu Dongping went on to say: "later I think, B is the place where do poineering work people most often appear in? Is nothing more than a meeting of all kinds of investment and road show scene!"

clear goal, Hu and his team began to frequent in all kinds of financing. This has two advantages, one can mining more potential customers for James technology; secondly, Hu Dongping can be better to showcase its investment products, in order to obtain venture capital.

" at the most, the day I almost to run three roadshow." Hu Dongping recalls.

kungfu, from April 2015 officially launched version painted map technology to December 2015 this short period of 8 months, the number of customers with map technology break 2000. And to now, the number of customers Tu figure technology is still growing at a rate of nearly 400 per month.

after the initial accumulation, Tutu technology has achieved a balanced budget, then they have to do is to explore the profit model.

last year, the network broadcast platform gradually hot, Hu Dongping saw a huge market potential of the video field. And cooperation with the seven cattle cloud has spawned a new product launch Tu map technology. 2015, Tu figure technology, the official launch of the face recognition products. It through the machine to a large number of images of the identification of the classification and screening, to the portrait and related data data. Thanks to a large number of customers, this from a static image processing to move to a dynamic video broadcast of the product has just introduced a picture technology has brought direct revenue.

in a series of business for the sharp advance behind the Tutu technology team is only more than 30 people.

" R & D of our products does not require a large amount of manpower, rely mainly on machine training, which is carried out in the unattended state of intelligent team only the research direction of the model set, then stop input sample pictures, two months will automatically result." Hu Dongping said.

while the team number is little, but their background is a little vague. Which covers the field of algorithm memory experts, returnees, former PPTV founding members, etc..

"personnel streamlining has two advantages, one is to reduce operating costs, and can improve the efficiency of." Hu Dongping said.

style=" background-color: RGB (255, 255, 255); "> in the future, big data to create the product

next, with focus point map technology is big data field, learning neural network etc. through the machine, complete research and development of new products.

" 'big data' concept of recent speculation very hot, but we have encountered a problem, that is how to use big data, how to make he realized. Now, big data is often praised, in addition to advertising revenue lack of other profit point." Hu Dongping said.

in this regard, the starting point for Hu Dongping in the image AI deep thus, the output field of face recognition based on security and other products.

based on the number of users is huge, photo coated map technology daily handling in 1 to 200 million, which provides a valuable reference for the research of they.

as products for the B side, Hu Dongping hopes to provide a set of image AI based services to the third party hardware manufacturers, industry customers etc..

" we have a large number of data samples can be in accordance with the planning instruction machine direction training and learning, the final product launch complete the commercial realization. Like the recent hot Google AlphaGo is through a large number of different types of data samples to combine, and ultimately form a complete set of chess thinking system." Hu Dongping said.

" like Skynet, find someone in there before, tend to go through a long process of search, spend a lot of manpower energy. But if the realization of the machine intelligent lock target characters, draw the mobile line, which will reduce a lot of work, but also improve the efficiency." Hu Dongping explained.

" is the black technology, "Hu Dongping smiled and said:" we are putting some criminals expression expression, behavior is input to the machine so that the training model. We hope that a product can be judged in advance whether a person is lying, whether there is a criminal tendency. After its successful development, that can be used for police interrogation; secondly, it can be used for real-time monitoring of the public, to predict the crisis, change from passive defense to active attack."

" intelligent robot research which main piece of intelligent image recognition and processing, this is our advantage. We hope that the future can become like Google, the development of intelligent robots, the scientific community leader. Of course, this is also a talk about these early days, the specific things we need to do in the future to do a step by step." Hu Dongping finally said.

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