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2016 -20 May 18th 2014, the theme of "technology application innovation" eighth China Cloud Computing Conference held in Beijing National Convention Center, a large number of network media reports as a guest to participate in the entire process.

China Cloud Computing Conference so far has been eight years of history, Chinese is the largest and most influential annual cloud computing technology, industry and application event.

China's cloud computing industry development into the application of

Chinese, Vice Minister of industry and information technology academy of Sciences. China Electronic Association chairman, Chinese big data expert committee chairman, Chinese Institute of electronics, cloud computing expert committee chairman Huai Jinpeng at the opening ceremony said:" China's cloud computing industry has been developing rapidly in recent years, has entered the application stage of rapid popularization. Especially in China's economic development has entered a new norm under the background of cloud computing in the Internet and the real economy to promote the depth of integration and development, flow driven technology flow, capital flow, personnel flow, material flow with information, play a positive role in the adjustment of industrial structure, the transformation of economic development mode."

according to the Secretary Huai Jinpeng introduced, according to statistics, in 2015 Chinese cloud computing industry scale is about 150 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of over 30%, optimize the industrial structure, is one of the world's fastest growing market. Hybrid cloud A new force suddenly rises. has become a new growth point of the industry.

four themes:

this session of the general assembly according to the speaker's speech content is divided into four Session, four major themes were: "VISION vision," PRACTICE practice "," innovation INNOVATION "and" FRONTIER "front, each part of famous experts from academia as chairman of Session. The chairman of the Session, including the president of the Nankai University and the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) vice chairman Gong Ke, Li Bohu China academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering Ni Guangnan Chinese.

the four themes respectively show the cloud computing and big data industry development from infancy to present course, each part of the subject is independent, but related to each other. This form is for the same type of meeting in the industry set up a model, but also highlights the China Cloud Computing Conference Chinese as the largest and most influential annual application of cloud computing technology, industry, event, the responsibility.

plenary meeting and forum: Click to

eighth Chinese Cloud Computing Conference first day the number of participants was 5000 the three day, the participants of the meeting is expected to over 10000, the successful experience of the seven session of the general assembly, the general assembly, forums, exhibitions and other forms of prominent industry applications, push cloud computing data, focus on technological innovation, synchronous air plant; domestic and foreign innovation, continue to build cloud computing the most influential big data technology, industry and application platform.

in this conference, in addition to the Ministry of industry and information technology Deputy Minister Mr Huai Jin Peng, vice president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, academician of Academy of Sciences, Chinese vice director of Institute of electronics Chinese long, deputy director of the committee, China Committee of experts on big data cloud Chinese Institute of Electronics vice chairman of the Committee of experts calculated Mei Hong, academician of Academy of engineering, Institute of electronics Chinese Chinese cloud honorary chairman of the Committee of experts, China big data expert consultant Li Deyi, deputy director of the national natural fund, academician of Academy of engineering, Chinese Chinese big data expert committee vice chairman Govan, Guo Guangcan Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of Engineering Chinese academician Yu Mengsun and many other leaders, experts, academicians have the wonderful speech, the topic relates to the cloud drop Practice, big data and smart city construction, cloud computing software definition of big data, etc.. Style= line-height: "1.75em >

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Chinese Cloud Computing Conference is the field of big data cloud computing annual event participants. The number and scale of the exhibition, the competent ministries attention, speaker authority, international audience participation is high, wide geographical distribution, is focused on cloud computing government, big data industry peers, scientific research institutes, academic institutions, end users, best platform for experts in various fields to share knowledge, ideas, exchange experiences, to discuss cooperation the.

meeting during the addition of a variety of interactive sessions, using small seminars, cooperation conference, seminar, forum, invited innovation night and other forms, to create the annual event in the field of big data cloud computing the most valuable.

forums including the core technology of cloud computing, cloud computing forum big data security forum, big data cloud computing and financial innovation forum, car networking and intelligent transportation Application Forum, cloud computing and IT infrastructure operation and maintenance of automation forum, data center and storage solutions project forum, big data cloud computing Innovation International Forum, Chinese 2025 forum, big data core technology and application forum. In addition, including the third international cloud computing Standardization Forum, the super Fusion Technology Architecture Forum, CIO alliance closed door forum and other closed door forum.

meeting another bright spot, is the "2016 big data cloud computing Innovation Award", three months assessment period, the activities of the Hefei, Zhongguancun, from Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places of cloud computing the data Support Alliance mechanism. There are nearly 150 entrepreneurial team registration, review group lasted half a month, launched a contest a total of 10 sessions (total area selection team selected the finalists). In the end, including the winning team in Taiwan, including the 48 innovative entrepreneurial team, entered the general selection, and the corner of the final 10 strong. Style= line-height: "1.75em


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