Ali cloud cloud headlines announced the resignation of chief scientist Zhang Wensong will join or drops

Ali cloud scientist

yuntu· 2016-06-01 13:56:22

background-color: RGB (61, 167, 66);" >5 25 October morning news, 's chief scientist, vice president of , Ali cloud, Taobao core software development leader, founder of LVS from the Wensong chapter Ali cloud left .

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  1. Chapter Wensong yesterday micro-blog

> 14px;" in his personal micro-blog wrote: "today is the last day of Ali, Ali in 2438 days to harvest a lot, very honored to have the opportunity to work together with many buddies, and learning Thanksgiving growth, ali!"

data, chapter Wensong is technical experts, is LVS (Linux Virtual Server, Linux virtual server) open source software founder, was the chief scientist of TelTel, co-founder of ChinaCluster.

before he became Vice President and chief scientist of Ali cloud, chapter Wensong as senior fellow, the core system is responsible for people, mainly responsible for the foundation of the core software development and promote the network hardware and software performance optimization, build the next generation of highly scalable infrastructure Taobao e-commerce low carbon and low cost the.

rumors, from Ali after the departure of Wensong chapter or join drops travel .

drops touzhuoyue "~

scan two-dimensional code joined the group chat, we cloud classroom the new curriculum and activities, will give priority to notify the DA in the group, learning is a very happy , let the happy people together, because cloud classroom (a o~ ~

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