The mother left rice to 3 mentally retarded children died unexpectedly.

Rice mental retardation mother boss

fazhiwanbao· 2016-06-01 14:18:17

Meng Axiang fell ill due to lung aging, except for the occasional getv, most of the time are completely bedridden

yesterday, this newspaper reported for fear of three mentally retarded children after their death starve, Hubei 92 year old mother Meng Axiang three cylinder rice the story of several years to save. The reporter has just learned that three mentally handicapped children in the boss - 72 year old Le Jianrui, had died yesterday afternoon. From yesterday afternoon to learn news today, Meng Ashanti sad no longer eating and drinking. Previously, her every meal should eat a small bowl of Rice porridge.

according to the four son of Meng Axiang, the 46 year old Le Jianjiu, ten days ago, suffering from hypertension due to fall ill in bed Le Kien Thuy, from eating and sleeping all in bed. On weekdays, the same music mainly by retarded brother Kien Thuy Le built as a cook and feed. Le Jianjiu to take care of the mother at the same time, every day to big brother Le Jianrui clothing sheets. With the development of the injury, the weaker Kien Thuy le.

law evening (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter learned that, at noon yesterday, Le Jianjiu at the time to feed the joy of feeding, found that the other party can not eat. Wait until three pm, only to be fed into the saliva. Then to do Jianjiu Le farm, when he comes back after an hour, to give brother feed water, only to find that it has died.

after consideration, Le Jianjiu broke the news to her mother. The eldest son know death, at the age of 92, Meng Axiang can not help but cry. From last night to noon today, she no longer eat and drink. After every meal she can eat a small bowl of Rice porridge. Due to the aging of the lungs, she also has the possibility of death at any time.

and after that brother died, Meng Axiang suffering from mental retardation of the two sons of music, also can not help but cry. According to

Meng Axiang's Hubei Tongshan County Pu Zhen Meng sand ridge village Party branch secretary Dou Guibao introduced, considering Roca economic difficulties, including the coffin, shroud, Le Jianrui's funeral, from where the sand Hubei Tongshan County town burden. Today, the town has been sent to the village presided over the funeral, according to the plan, Le Jianrui will be held tomorrow.

late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter learned that, with their cousins Meng Ashanti fathered 4 men and 3 women and 7 children, in addition to son Le Jianjiu, the other 3 sons have different degrees of mental retardation and deaf. Since her husband died in 1997, Meng Axiang has been to take care of the three silly son. Worried that they were hungry after their own death, she had a few years to save up to three kilos of rice. Unexpectedly, the eldest son died before he died, while the eldest daughter died in the earlier five or six years ago.

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