Microsoft CEO Nadella visits Tsinghua University

Nadella Tsinghua University Microsoft innovation

zonghe· 2016-06-01 14:43:38


, Microsoft's chief executive Satir Nadella visited Tsinghua University, and 4 (Global Innovation eXchange Global Innovation Institute Institute, referred to as GIX) of the first batch of Chinese students. The 4 students will go to the United States in September this year, Seattle, the Internet equipment, dual degree master.

Global Innovation Institute (GIX) is jointly founded by University of Washington and Tsinghua University,, Microsoft as an initial partner for the project to provide $40 million start-up capital.


Microsoft CEO Nadella

Nadella said the "Microsoft Global Innovation Institute is because we firmly believe that power technology can give everyone more extraordinary achievements and to explore solutions to major global challenges." Global Innovation Institute (GIX) is the first entity of education and scientific research institutions to create China University in the United States, is committed to the cultivation of innovative talents of next generation, and through interdisciplinary, cross fostering pattern of professional students, further explore the solution of sustainable development, mobile medical solutions and other global problems.

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