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Baby lamb kangaroo story

aidutongshumamaxiaoli· 2016-06-01 17:57:01

kangaroo mother took him home to announce her baby, we all love the little lamb, little lamb here to find a home feeling.

but when the little lamb saw that he was not the same with them, he became troubled, and in order to become like everyone, the little lamb had a hard time.

finally, kangaroo mother in order to let the little lamb happy, put on a wool blanket, and a little lamb, little lamb only saw his mother became like that, cried out: you are not my mother!

every time I read it, my heart was deeply shocked: This is how great maternal love!


lamb found a spring, a spring, a small lamb finally jumped high, it is very happy! And its mother kangaroo there silently watching him!

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Author: Diana · Kimpton / Wen Rosalind · Bill Shaw /

translation: Ren Rongrong

reading age: 3-7

press: Hunan children's Publishing House

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