University teachers after online shopping customer service phone cheated 130 thousand

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original title: college teachers after online shopping customer service phone overnight cheated 130 thousand

in March this year, Chengdu, a college teacher bear bear in the Jingdong to buy a pair of socks, spent 22 yuan. May 18th night, the transaction by the 22 yuan, led to a network of telecommunications fraud, bear the teacher suffered heavy losses, three bank cards totaling cheated more than 130 thousand yuan.

"because Jingdong system updates cause businesses to normal receivables, resulting margin businesses can not be returned, I returned goods to assist in dealing with customer requirements. "In three consecutive received claiming to be the Jingdong" Yu Zhaolin official flagship store customer service call, ask for help after processing an order, Xiong Wei finally promised each other. He logged into his account of Jingdong, found that 22 yuan in order to buy socks produced, has been shown to "repair return", that is the Jingdong for customer service, in this link.

Xiong Wei after opening, the link with the Jingdong refund interface is almost the same, we fully believe that "customer service". Then, according to the content and tips in a web page, he filled out the bank card number and password, in the last step to fill in the page sent to the mobile phone verification code, after some operations, Weigong bear for peony card immediately taken away 4998 yuan. Until this time, bear Weicai doubt, he immediately call the "customer service", "when the other party is so nervous, because I said the verification code input errors, which lead to the amount they detained, there were also a few million deposit. "Then, his phone again received information, said peony card and has spent 13000 yuan and 870 yuan.

Xiong Wei immediately to the "customer service" was questioned, and said to call the Jingdong customer service, "but said they have been linked to the Jingdong customer service is being processed, will immediately return money deducted. "Then, Xiong Wei accounts have received a total of 13870 yuan. Received on the card 13870 yuan, Xiong Wei also received customer service calls, "the other let me determine whether some of the money has been returned, when I call after receiving the money, not long after, and spending 13770 yuan. He said, still too late to understand what is going on, the other side said that because the peony card is frozen, can not be transferred to a refund, the money will be transferred immediately, and asked to provide other card number in order to refund.

Xiong Wei has also put out two credit cards, almost in the same way of operation. In fact, each input a verification code, Xiong Wei card is brushed away a few thousand dollars to the amount of million yuan during the period, he received a mobile phone on the change of the amount of information, but the "customer service" told him that the money is only as a "bank debugging" will soon be returned.

on the other side of a step by step guide, Xiong Wei carried out a series of operations, is a step by step deep trap, suddenly found, 3 bank cards have been cheated out of a total of 130 thousand yuan. Until the early hours of May 19th, the hoax was over.

cheated on the same day, Xiong Wei to the police station, in addition to a single receipt by the case, he has not yet received any reply. Jingdong

platform has "important reminder"

- does not require customers to link the refund operation by

Chengdu Daily reporter found that in order and system upgrade, in fact, Xiong Wei was inducted into the "repair / return" page, there is a "reminder": the Jingdong and platform vendors don't order on the grounds of abnormal and the system upgrade, requiring you to click on any links to refund. Please pay attention to the Jingdong "cautious statement fraud platform". But Xiong Wei said, that he did not notice. Call the bear Wei Jingdong claiming to be the merchant customer's mobile phone number, to display the address as "Zhejiang Ningbo", but in the face of a display for the mobile phone number of customer service phone, Xiong Wei also did not alert.

- the same account login: Jingdong mall customer is developing technology according to the Jingdong

remind mall customer inquiries, Xiong Wei account early in January this year, is registered in Fujian, Liaoning and other places. Let the bear Wei's surprise, the evening of May 18th, the other side of the account login modify information, while guiding the same login account for their operation, "the same account login in different places at the same time, the Jingdong did not remind the user to stop the behavior or the. Jingdong customer service staff said, at present the same Jingdong account can indeed be logged in different places at the same time, the Jingdong is ongoing technical research and development, the account will be logged on to remind.

Chengdu Daily reporter Lu Wang Zhao Intern

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