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This Jian Hao price legend

tuwanwang· 2016-06-01 22:57:03

DNF experience serving this update 7 sets of legendary armor, but the actual useful to Jianhao can have several sets of it, today we detailed analysis about how to choose the new legend equipment, interpretation of suit price.

DNF experience serving this update 7 sets of legendary armor, but the actual useful to Jianhao can have several sets of it, today we detailed analysis about how to choose the new legend equipment, interpretation of suit price.

experience serving to update the 7 sets of legendary armor, but the actual useful only to Jianhao fake pig, remains, and the total set of four sets of sea blue armor set.

first said that the revision of the price of the most anticipated, even than the ghost and day of the Glancy A family remains (fake pig sets), set 6 can bring about 150 of the intensity and the accompanying white light weapons attribute attribute and the 6, the whole property is very bright.

in the liberation of the attribute as everyone knows, is strong can easily up to 300+, and will not be on attribute marginal effect is strong, the more important is that it can free collocation components, such as armor + left slot 6 piece, you can collocation giant three soul, jewelry and so on. Have some yellow / White / strong words burst injury + scattered a good weapon in you after the ascension of the whole is more than the wild boar set of some two or three lines of SS sets, and no loss of armor (although not much more proficient, but as a set of attributes) starting on the task of stable sets, lift and effect has been very conscience.

said that the wild boar set of advantages, relative disadvantages due to wild boar set is also very prominent, not enough to lift the guards. With some mainstream SS ghost, intended to kill, tactics, magic war is still a significant gap, and enhanced optical properties equipment is relatively small, is not easy to pile up strong. Production cycle is too long, about 120 days or so.

with some of the attributes that comes with the attributes of the attack, such as: fire fighters, ice knot, ninja, etc..

#p# #e#

so the boar set the subtitle for the crowd:

the world is not good occupation itself with the optical properties of

II Attack the

occupation money brush SS set and want to hurt the main

strong powder but do not want to brush SS s

and after the revision of the ancient Knight of the Kingdom (remains set), even now remains jewelry or relatively good suits, new sites can provide a huge set of armor power and intelligence, according to their own occupation to choose three strength / intelligence protection + Bracelet + other two parts to maximize the revenue if it is brought by collocation, remains 6, you can get nearly 600 points and 10 points is a strong force and 10 yellow letters, there are 8 stable power upgrade, and can be a reasonable With its strong powder and equipment, Zhanjie panel is very nice, but a single brush effect is very good. But

is also very obvious shortcomings:

fixed power means the feeding rate is low, 20 people must be very weak

the strength / intelligence to enhance less

the percentage of chicken ribs slightly set occupation income, meditation anger 15 strength / intelligence plus, you 6 to 8. So the ruins are applicable to those who hurt the occupation, or their own strength / intelligence buff added to the occupation, as well as to move the brick pig.

Poseidon mystery Charm (ghost set):

this spot has been Poseidon legs (1 to 45 skills), after revision and relatively good overall ice and impose suit and curse curse resistance under the condition of the enemy 20 weapon damage and additional weapons ice attack, the ascent of the whole line, but the set of the problem is that in the face of high abnormal monsters such as magic monster will devour the very weak, and cannot see the face on the whole curse, the soul of the town white figure and not lack of the 20 sets of white, so very awkward position the overall cost is very low. But the leg is very good, is worth doing.

is the last bloody sun (Portland total sets):

the highlight of the 6 piece can get 20 type white and nearly 200 of the strength and level was felt and two sleep active promotion, if 6 pieces left slot it is 2 +3 active passive sleep sleep is very high. The proportion of the occupation harm brought a promotion is very good, and 20 human white Bntoon did very well. Now we are in love with racing dragon bracelet can be seen, can be said is very suitable for playing Ann Thun and daily, but this set of disadvantages:

in addition to beat strange type of white, almost no additional

the set of attributes is very little, but there are also 20 equipment on the 6 sets of useless

it takes too much, spend long time. Summary:

this update of the 7 sets of armor in the legend, the most worth doing is certainly false pig, property is very bright, but other legends is not a useless, we can make reasonable legend equipment according to their own needs, in the world in terms of Ho is really awkward position, so the legend equipment is a civilian Jianhao very good promotion opportunity, I hope you happy to play the game properly.

general fake pig cross very conscience, slap with Jianhao optical properties, with the thunder sword fake pig set already, I hope this revision can come soon in china.

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