Now want to take advantage of cheap to buy a game machine? Wait another two weeks.

Game machine week Microsoft 4K

weifengwang· 2016-06-01 22:57:31

not long ago, Microsoft officially announced the One Xbox price down to $299, but also with a masterpiece. Although the official said that the special offer, but from other retailers also immediately follow the price point of view, this price cut may last a long time. Even if it is only a temporary discount it, $299 with a game is indeed a very attractive price. If you want to move, immediately pockets - wait, or wait some good. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" host price is already so low, why would we have to wait? The problem is that after two weeks, you may know a lot of new information, enough to make you glad you didn't make a decision. Although

has not been officially confirmed, but there have been a lot of news sources have pointed out that this year's E3 will be the new game release, perhaps comparable to event three years ago, the same year that PS4 and Xbox One officially unveiled. SONY this side, has been on the Neo PS4 (or PS4.5, the official name of the name before the release of what you do not call) the rumors have not been broken; so Microsoft it? A 4K video support thin version of Xbox One also will come out next year, may even have a new Xbox host, PS4 Neo has powerful function even worse part of it.

even if you just want to buy a handle, it's best not to decide now. According to the news, Microsoft plans to launch a new handle to match the thin version of One Xbox. Interestingly, people have little knowledge of the new handle. Xbox elite handle rave reviews had Microsoft launched but the price is too expensive, so it may have some function into the elite version of the standard? Who can say no good.

said back to the host side. Sources pointed out that the new version of the Xbox will be launched next year, code named scorpio". Suffering from the lack of One Xbox functional Microsoft this wave of the outbreak, to make the computing power of the new Xbox up to 6 TFLOPS, is nearly 4 times the One Xbox. This time the surge has also opened up the possibility of VR experience, and now there have been recognized as the Xbox host Oculus VR host Rift game is being produced in the. SONY

PS4 is said to be Neo and the existing PS4 share the same ecosystem, but the former has a smooth frame rate and quality performance is more powerful. If so, why should we stick to the platform of the past?

although both SONY and Microsoft have done a lot of promise, but now the situation is different from the past. For example, if someone told you this time last year, Xbox One Xbox will be able to play 360 games, you think he's talking about, because Microsoft has made it clear that the downward compatibility meaningless. PS4 simulation of the PS2 game is also true.

, of course, does not rule out the possibility that nothing happened this year, E3. However, since the exhibition in the eyes, in order to insure the reasons why we do not wait so for two weeks?

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