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Author: Atlas

Richard Hello friends!

here is Endeavour Games Clever, on our recent release of the game super chicken horse, we mainly through the content creators to play the game. And the content creators here refer to those who recorded the game play video on YouTube, who played the game on the Twitch.

Ultimate Chicken Horse (from Gamasutra

) I want to share with you today is how we YouTube from those popular people (like Pewdiepie, Markiplier, JackSepticEye, SeaNanners and so on) get video on hand. One day (hopefully soon after) we will be able to write down the direct impact of these videos on the sales of our games. And today I'll just talk about how we're exposed to these people.

before we start, I would like to make a statement: we do not have direct contact with these content creators to get these videos, because we have never had such a contact.

only close to those likely to play your game

Youtubers (from Gamasutra

) is above two Youtuber, one of only play "tribal war"; and another is playing the "call of duty". Why do we have to choose one of them to talk about "super chicken"? In fact, on the right side of the Ali-A is more diversified, we hope to be sent to his game / promotional content before observing what he will play. If you send the game to people who don't play it, your work is in vain. In the community of these content creators oral advocacy in fact, in the field of game development as well. You should think twice before sending the game.

make sure your email is enough to attract people to

for a real person to create email. Even if some content is the copy paste, at least you have to write clearly the name and explain why you think he will love your game. Don't take "BCC" form of mass e-mail: because the receiver will know you do. And if you need to send an email to an object, do not accidentally send it to all the objects in the address bar.

from the less well-known Youtuber/Streamer start

those with "YouTube" for the living people know that the content is there. The less well known content creators will focus on those known as content creators, and those who are well known will also be looking for new content to see less well known content creators. Here are a few reasons why you should take this advice:

1. is more likely to read your email and often respond to the less well known content creator.

2. oral communication can be (a game based on the creators of content size / number of fans), so if there are many lesser known content creators in playing your game, so well-known content creators will see it. I mean

when I was talking about is unknown when the content creators are those subscribers between 50 thousand to 500 thousand people, this is the case in Youtube. And in Twitch, it's hard to judge how many fans will be the size, but I'll start with 10 thousand to 200 thousand as the standard. I think that as long as the content creators can provide enough good, you should give them when they ask for the code, and if the other subscribers only 400 words you don't bother.

to establish a good relationship with the community

we will try to leave comments in most of the YouTube video, and feedback from the community is really very useful! People don't usually think that the developer is around, so when YouTuber sees the communication between community members / fans and developers, they will be respected by the developer.

in Twitch, if you feel that you have to help, then you can also expose the identity. Streamer very much welcomes you to do this! Of course, you don't need to be so desperately trying to fit in with the Streamer.

(this is a game state / compile refuse not to retain any copyright forwarding, for reprint please contact:

YouTuber / Streamer games) Outreach and the Importance of Starting Small

by Richard Atlas

Hello friends

Here at Clever Endeavour! Games, for our recently launched Title Ultimate Chicken Horse, we depend highly on content creators to help spread the word about our game. Content creators in this case refers to people recording gameplay videos on YouTube, playing the game on Twitch, etc.

What I wanted to write about today is how we went about getting videos from some of the biggest names on YouTube (Pewdiepie, Markiplier, JackSepticEye, SeaNanners, etc.). Someday, hopefully and soon. We 'll Do a proper write-up about the direct effect those videos have on sales. For today however we keep it more general and ll talk about how we actually reached those people.

Before we break it down, I d like to debunk a quick 'assumption: we didn' t get those videos from direct contact with these content creators, because we "ve never actually had that contact.

Approach only those who might actually play your game.

Above are two YouTubers, one of whom only plays Clash of Clans and the other who is playing Call of Duty. Why would we approach either of them to talk about Ultimate Chicken Horse Well, actually, the? One on the right is Ali-A and is more of a variety streamer, and we would look into what kind of stu FF he plays before sending the game our pitch. If you send / your game to people who would definitely not play it, you re being spammy and people 'don' t like that. Word spreads in their community just like it does in game dev Think before you send.

Personalize your! Emails.

Make your emails out to an actual person. Even if some of it is copy pasted, at least write their name and why you think they might like your game. Don t batch email with the recipients "in" bcc: "because people know" that s what s happening. And for the "love of any and all gods, if you need to email to a list don" t email to the whole list in the "to:" field.

Start with the smaller YouTubers / Streamers.

People who do YouTu " Be "as a living are aware of the content that s out there. The small" ones are following the big ones, the big ones are watching the smaller ones for new content. There are a couple of reasons for following this piece of advice:

1. The smaller channels will listen to you will read, your email, and will often respond.

2. Word spreads both up and down (in terms of content creator size so if / following), enough smaller folks are playing, the big ones are likely to see it.

When I talk about "small" by the way, what I mean is somewhere in the 50K subscribers range or - 500K so, for YouTube. On Twitch it "s much harder to tell how big the following is but I d still say around" 10K is small enough to star - 200K T. I think you should always give codes to content creators if they ask for it as long as they re putting out decent content "on a regular basis, but I don t think it 's' worth your time to go searching for people with 400 subscribers.

Engage with the community (ies).

We try to leave comments on most YouTube videos, and the response from the communities is really great People don" t expect that! The developer will actually be there, and when a YouTuber sees a back and forth between one of their community members and the / fans developer, it earns some respect in their eyes.

I figured a picture of an angry mob was better than a friendly one, even though these tend to be quite positive interactions

On Twitch, it s nice to hang out "in chat and to do giveaways if you feel it will help you. Streamers really appreciate it Of course don 't! Kill yourself to be up at 3am when someone in Portugal is streaming, but do what you can.

Here s an older video of" Markiplier playing, in case you were curious to see

That s all for now! ", feel free to put your own strategies or ideas in the comments (source:Gamasutra)

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