Tobacco industry self debate: the annual profit and tax of nearly one trillion

Annual profit and tax tobacco industry national defense construction RMB

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Chinese tobacco control are to reduce a carton of cigarettes, to reduce personal contact smoke every day struggle, tomorrow can keep the tobacco industry in national tax unchanged, less selling cigarettes?

has nothing to do with the health of the tobacco industry harm?

as a pillar industry in the economic field, the annual tax paid by tobacco accounts for 6% of the revenue. Although "smoking is harmful to health" has been well known, but the parties to the "harmful" or differences.

"scientists have mostly admitted that from the mainstream flue gas has been found in more than 4850 kinds of mainstream flue gas composition analysis, 99.4% of the ingredients on the human body is harmless, 0.6% of the ingredients harmful. Of these 0.6%, only 0.2% are carcinogenic or possibly carcinogenic. "Henan Province, a tobacco expert told this newspaper that.

for 99.4% of the harmless ingredients, the experts said that there is no clear study. In addition, he also believes that there are many medical effects of smoking, nicotine itself is a tranquilizer, have certain curative effect, psychological effect, people in the pursuit of health at the same time, also need mental health, not only the health of the body.

tobacco is to meet the people's habits, not a drug, we cannot be deprived of the 350 million person's hobby, and there is no law that smoking is a crime, otherwise you can catch up, so as to control. "These experts said. The

experts said, "the" Framework Convention on tobacco control has no effect on the tobacco industry, it is to promote the development of the tobacco industry, forcing the tobacco industry through technological innovation, reduce costs, reduce the harm, the harmful components in tobacco 0.6% and then decreased, so that consumers good smoke, low harm cigarette smoke.

then "reduced harm - tar - flavored" has been Chinese tobacco companies as basic strategies affect their destiny and future.

"smoking is harmful to the health of the main substances produced in the burning process of tar, the human trachea and lungs have a carcinogenic effect. In order to produce low tar cigarettes and improve the safety of cigarette smoking has been popular all over the world, it is the direction of the development of the tobacco industry in the future. "These experts said. By the end of

2005, China National Tobacco Corp, vice president of Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute Xie Jianping presided over the "Research on the evaluation system of the risk of cigarette smoke" (2005DIBIJl58) project started. Xie Jianping put forward to reduce the harm of cigarettes. In 2008 of the international tobacco scientific research cooperation center conference, Xie Jianping announced to the global tobacco industry, in order to open up new areas of cigarette tar reduction focus technology research has made a positive contribution.

2011 in December 8th, Xie Jianping's name appeared in 2011 of Chinese Academy of engineering, the new members on the list. Although this list once raised questions the tobacco control community.

large profit and tax

tobacco industry use "science and education" strategy, to further promote the implementation of the project to reduce coke tar, to strengthen the comprehensive study of the technology, has become an important strategy for the revitalization of the tobacco industry. This "science and education" strategy, penetrate into all the tobacco can touch the corner. As a result, the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of the "cigarette on the level" began, and high-grade cigarettes are crazy, and the tobacco industry profits and taxes in particular, to a large extent rely on only 10% of the total amount of high-grade cigarettes.

"the future will continue to increase the number of high-grade cigarettes, through this way to complete the requirements of the state. "One of Yunnan's tobacco researchers said.

in fact, statistics of the tobacco industry echoed his statement, but also highlights the tobacco control work hard.

statistics show that in 2015 the total sales of about 49 million 790 thousand boxes of cigarettes, a decrease of 1 million 200 thousand cases. 2015 national total sales revenue of 1 trillion and 422 billion 306 million yuan, an increase of 62 billion 365 million yuan, an increase of 4.66%.

tobacco taxes "plus the profit of the tobacco enterprises, nearly 1 trillion yuan a year, which is of great help for national defense construction. More important, tobacco has been able to feed about 20000000 people, especially about 15000000 poor farmers, who live by planting tobacco. "These experts said.

for tobacco, but also associated with poverty, currently more than 80% of China's tobacco production and more than 50% of the cigarette production are concentrated in the western region, and the myth of tobacco has been confirmed in Guizhou, Bijie. 1988, in order to solve the problem of food and clothing in Bijie region 3 million rural population, the establishment of the test area, with the cultivation of tobacco instead of selling blood for the health of the people of Bijie.

note: Guizhou tobacco planting

"national requirements of tobacco industry annual tax increase of 20%, in order to accomplish this task, we have a lot of pressure. At present, the annual production of tobacco growth in the amount of 1~3%, growth is very little, so only by adjusting the structure of the cigarette, through the high structure of smoke to complete the task. "The staff member of a tobacco company said.

is a life and death number, one side is to improve the tax numbers, in the double attack, the shoe is a tobacco control.

in tobacco control as one falls, another rises in the sound of tobacco sales are still growing, profits are growing, it can not be said to be a miracle. The most ironic is that the scientific community on the impact of the malignant effects of cigarettes, the more evidence, the more profitable the tobacco industry, and even more to promote the progress of tobacco technology and the source of power.

"tobacco research funds accounted for 1-3% of the tobacco industry revenue, the requirements of the scientific research staff is 1 mg per year to reduce coke. "Yunnan's tobacco experts said.

, in fact, the phenomenon of the tobacco companies sponsored by or in cooperation with universities and other research institutions to carry out tobacco related scientific research generally exists in china.

Chinese Tobacco Control Association said in published scientific literature about tobacco, less than half (45%) is completed by the independent tobacco companies, and 40% in the literature have universities and other research institutions involved in different degrees, some is done in collaboration with tobacco companies, some is done by universities and other independent research institutes. In the study, which was independently completed by universities and other research institutes, about 70% of them were sponsored by tobacco companies.

from the time point of view, in the last century in 80s, universities and research institutions involved in the study of 6% of the tobacco companies, but by 2000, this percentage increased to 48%. While universities and research institutions in the reduction of harm and focus on the growth of research involved in particular, from the beginning of the last century in 80s less than 1% growth in 2000 after 59%. In cooperation with the tobacco companies's largest universities and research institutions, there is no lack of such as University of Science and Technology of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, such as well-known institutions and scientific research institutions. University of Science and Technology of China, the establishment of the tobacco and health research center, one of the focus of research is to reduce harm and reduce the focus".

currently participate in the tobacco companies of the University of Hunan Agricultural University, Henan University, University of Science and Technology of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southeast University, Yunnan Agricultural University, Yunnan University, Shandong Agricultural University. As can be seen from the website of Yunnan Agricultural University College of tobacco, since 2000 -2013, tobacco companies funded research and development projects funded 62 million 46 thousand yuan.

research projects related to the whole process of tobacco production, tobacco from tobacco agricultural cultivation to the promotion of tobacco, the tobacco industry to create a full range of their own, which is in the current any industry is not too late.

China disease prevention and control center issued the "2013 China tobacco control report". At the meeting, deputy party secretary of Peking University Health Science Center, Li Wensheng said, "as a national famous medical college, Peking University Health Science Center, and resolutely resist all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship activities, make full use of their own advantages of scientific research and teaching, education of teachers and students and the public recognition of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, away from the dangers of tobacco. "

act in a diametrically opposite way of tobacco

in the 2016 National Work Conference on tobacco, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau party secretary general manager of China National Tobacco Corp Ling Chengxing said in the report, 2015 is the year ending 12th Five-Year" planning ". "12th Five-Year" period, the whole industry focus on "cigarette level" basic principles and strategic task, the practice of "three subjects", promoting the "five images", adhere to the "one system", pay close attention to "three things", "the smooth realization of cigarette level main target. Five years to achieve a total business tax 47680 yuan, an average annual increase of 107 billion 840 million yuan, an average annual increase of 13.6%; a total of over 41323 of the state finance billion yuan, an average annual increase of 121 billion 220 million yuan, an average annual increase of 17.5%.

2015 is to reach two growth: one is the total profit growth. The annual total profit of 11436 yuan, an increase of 91 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 8.73%; two is turned over to finance the increase of total. Annual tax revenues and profits of 10950 yuan, an increase of 184 billion yuan, an increase of 20.2%.

increased sales volume and sales of any industry everlasting strategy, the tobacco industry is no exception, even under the national tobacco control advocates call, still in tobacco. The opposite of the tobacco industry, not only in the top design of the industry, but also the full deployment of 2016.

Ling Chengxing in the report pointed out that the main targets for 2016 are: tobacco planting area of 16 million 110 thousand acres, the acquisition of 43 million Dan; cigarette to keep sales balance; business profit growth rate is higher than the 7%, achieve the total profits and taxes 12230 billion yuan, an increase of 80 billion yuan. At the same time, the introduction of more effective measures to promote the construction of modern terminal, optimize the cigarette consumption environment. To further promote the construction of modern retail terminal, in the range of state laws and regulations, to guide retail customers opened stores in the vicinity of the smoking area, gradually set up smoking in indoor public places policy allowed, outdoor public places smoking, smoking released guide map, create a convenient, harmonious and civilized environment for cigarette consumption consumers.

"of national tobacco control legislation is the main opposition from the tobacco industry. Their basic point is that tobacco is the country's pillar industry is not large profits, No. The task assigned by the state since it is profit, it should not appear obstacles and opposition tone. In addition, a view that the current economic situation is not good, the control of what smoke ah. More control the day the more sad. Even to cause the state tobacco control task cannot be completed by blackmail. "Beijing City Tobacco Control Association, said the Secretary General Cui Xiaobo.

Cui Xiaobo believes that in the process of tobacco industry interference all tobacco control work, China tobacco enterprises is the largest obstacle for the development of tobacco control. We do not think it is certain to abolish the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, but rather to give the China Tobacco Monopoly Bureau the responsibility and function of controlling smoking. Through the reform of the integrity of the tobacco industry, the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau to become the main force of tobacco control, making cigarette consumption tax long-term growth plan and tobacco production plan year. Change the marketing strategy to the planned supply of the monopoly system. And all the external smoke gradually excluded from the domestic sales market, in order to ensure the effective implementation of the national plan.

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