Qidong Jiangsu factory explosion more than workers and fire injuries

Qidong Jiangsu officers and soldiers more than

zhongqingwang· 2016-06-02 00:23:29

[Jiangsu Qidong plant explosion workers and firefighters were injured today about 17:50], Jiangsu Qidong haisida Power Company Limited 13 layer lithium car production at the scene between the explosion, the fire has been extinguished. According to preliminary statistics, the explosion caused about 6 to 7 workers were injured. Another 5 firefighters were injured in the rescue process, one of which is more serious brain injury. At present, all the injured have been sent to medical treatment. The cause of the accident is under investigation. Class= img_box "

rescue site. Class= img_box "

injured firefighters. Class= img_box "

doctor rescue site map. Class= img_box "

many people to send medical treatment. Class= img_box "

many people to send medical treatment.

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