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Pension income Jinhua growth

huaxiashibaowang· 2016-06-02 01:53:34

newspaper reporter Wang Xiaohui Beijing reported

to spend more than fast, this scene again occurred in the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees who.

5 30, the Ministry of human resources and social security of the 2015 annual human resources and social security development statistics bulletin (hereinafter referred to as the "gazette"). The bulletin shows that in 2015 the whole year five social insurance (including urban and rural residents basic old-age insurance) fund income total 46012 yuan, an increase of 618 billion 400 million yuan over the previous year, an increase of 15.5%. Fund expenditures total 38988 yuan, an increase of 598 billion 500 million yuan over the previous year, an increase of 18.1%.

among them, the annual basic pension insurance fund income of 32195 yuan, an increase of 16.6% over the previous year. Annual basic pension insurance fund spending 27929 yuan, an increase of 19.7% over the previous year. At the end of the basic pension insurance fund accumulated balances of 39937 yuan. It is clear that

does not appear in the basic pension, but also want to see, pension spending is higher than the income increase, which has become the new norm of the pension fund operation "". "Bulletin" shows that the social security system running smoothly, five social security fund not only the overall received more than sticks, each fund also received greater support, but the social security fund income growth run but spending growth, especially the basic pension fund, this situation has continued for about 4 years.

is the specific point of view, the basic old-age insurance fund revenue 32195 yuan, spending 27929 yuan; the annual urban basic medical insurance fund total revenue of 11193 billion yuan, annual expenditure of 931 billion 200 million yuan; the unemployment insurance fund income 136 billion 800 million yuan, spending 73 billion 600 million yuan; annual injury insurance fund income of 75 billion 400 million yuan, spending 59 billion 900 million yuan; the annual maternity insurance fund income 50 billion 200 million yuan, spending 41 billion 100 million yuan.

among them, medical, industrial injury, maternity insurance fund revenue growth rate higher than the expenditure growth. "Bulletin" shows that the year of urban basic medical insurance fund income and expenditure growth of 15.5% and 14.5% respectively over the previous year; the work-related injury insurance fund income and expenditure growth of 8.6% and 6.8% respectively over the previous year; maternity insurance fund income and expenditure growth of 12.5% and 11.8% respectively over the previous year.

reporter combing found that over the years, the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees income growth has been greater than spending until 2009, revenue growth for the first time less than the expenditure, the situation continued until 2011, that year, the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees income growth was again in spending growth, but after 4 years of income the growth rate has been less spending growth.

pension fund spending increased year by year income growth, and improve the treatment of pensions have a certain relationship. "In May 31st, a people in the industry to accept the" China Times "reporter said, 10% years of rapid growth of pensions increased pension costs, now increase down to 6.5% after spending growth is expected to slow down.

2005 so far, the basic pension has been achieved, the twelve continued to rise, and the increase has been as high as 10%.

as everyone knows, directly linked to employee pension income of workers in cities and towns the enterprise social average wage. However, there is increased by 10%, the average wage is not as a social pension for enterprise employees pension income each year so the slowdown also became a reasonable thing, that between minus one by one, resulting in the pension fund income growth rate is less than the annual spending growth situation. This

, spokesman for the Ministry of human resources and social security Li Zhong said, "although the fund spending more than income growth, but the total income of the pension fund is still greater than the total expenditure, to ensure that the current pension payment and payment. He also stressed that the main cause of enterprise workers pension insurance expenditure increase is greater than the income increase these years the state has increased investment in the people's livelihood, the scope of the endowment insurance beneficiaries more widely, and the protection level is higher. For example, the basic pension for enterprise retirees has been raised for 10 consecutive years, these factors will cause a significant increase in pension expenditures.

however, from the beginning of this year, China has increased by about 6.5% companies and institutions and institutions retirees pension standards, or for the first time shrink.

in addition, the bulletin also shows that as of the end of 2015, the country has a total of 7 million 167 thousand civil servants. Successful completion of the civil service recruitment examination task, the national total of 194 thousand civil servants, of which, the central authorities and agencies directly under the 21 thousand people, 173 thousand local people.

this is the human society in the "Communique" for the first time revealed that the total number of civil servants, in the previous "Communique", the disclosure of the number of civil servants only.

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