London guy to find the godfather month nurturing two thousand pounds

The pound London godfather guy

zhongqingwang· 2016-06-02 05:21:06

from London Edward Renard does not work, but he was against the "Godfather" by live a rich like luxury life. The relationship between

24 year old Edward and 56 year old "Godfather" has lasted for two years. Class= img_box "

Edward "content_img_p" insisted that the two people is a long-term friendship and the relationship between the financial agreement.

and traveling each time he can hold two people sleep in separate rooms.

his "Godfather" will not only help him to pay off student loans, but also to help him to pay the rent, send him big clothing, take him by private jet travel abroad, in five star hotel, or even a month to give him two thousand pounds of pocket money.

Edward and his "Godfather" is called a "sweetheart about (Seeking Arrangement)" on the website.

this site for the nurturing of young men and women are willing to pay for the "Godfather" (sugar daddy) "(Sugar Mama) sugar mother" and "be willing to nurturing young hearts matchmaking.

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