The revitalization of domestic products, those committed to breaking the monopoly of Foreign Technology Tsinghua

Elliptic curve cryptography data acquisition terminal energy storage system Tsinghua students Gu

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Tianxingjian, a gentleman with unremitting self-improvement.

in the motto in the influence of the Tsinghua students, there have always been a fortitude temperament. Today, the country is facing an important period of innovative transformation, Tsinghua entrepreneurs have also come out in their respective fields, the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation, unremitting self-improvement.

in the inspiration of the star, generation after generation of Tsinghua entrepreneurs here in the Create Company, from Tsinghua Science Park has come to a different market areas, and in the industry has made great achievements.

in the recent period of enlightenment show, there are several typical alumni entrepreneurial enterprises in foreign products occupy substantially in the field, to break the monopoly, establish their own brand Chinese.

strong Haibo: new energy industry electric vehicle battery management system, smart grid energy storage system development, engineering design and system integration of

Zhang Jianhui Haibo strong Department of electrical engineering Tsinghua University 1995 founder

in March 2011, a rented 20 square meters of office, two experimental table together, seven or eight people, with a half a year, Zhang Jianhui and his partners are "tinkering" is the world's advanced battery management.

to do energy storage power system, become the battery industry chain system integrator, has been a dream of Zhang Jianhui. After continuous research, Haibo think has made a breakthrough in battery technology, many competitors have a step ahead, starting from a single battery, the battery management system, thermal management and structure design of many links, provide the energy storage capacity of power supply system for customers.

with the advantage of strong Haibo on technology and excellent products have won wide recognition. Haibo strong in the field of new energy vehicles products have received Dongfeng Automobile Limited by Share Ltd approved technology and product orders, since December 2011, for the production of Dongfeng Electric Buses, police cars, sanitation trucks, buses and other city. In 2013, it began to take on the power system of Dongfeng Special Vehicle in large quantities of pure electric sanitation vehicle. Haibo strong "in the field of energy storage unit, in cooperation with the State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, Beijing Power Supply Bureau, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Guangdong Electric Power Research Institute, is committed to the development and application of smart grid energy storage.

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