Foreign media review China Recruitment: rice was beaten by KFC

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data figure: original title: foreign media comment China conscription standard: Steamed Rice green vegetables are western fast food to defeat

[military] global network reported on June 2nd according to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported on May 31st, with the China army to relax to deal with the problem of overweight weight recruits in the country's worsening, "strong fighting machine" seems to have become obsolete. The Chinese Army announced this week that it will relax the weight of the recruits, which suggests that China has made concessions in the protracted war against obesity.

reported that, according to the new regulations of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, the army boys shall not exceed 30% of the standard weight, girls must not exceed 20% of the standard weight.

Beijing recruiting Medical Center staff said in a quiet quiet words, physical examination standards relaxed and in recent years, the number of overweight adolescents increased".

reports that China is facing an increasingly serious problem of being overweight as a new generation of young people are more willing to spend money to follow the Western way of life and diet. "The European

preventive cardiology journal" a report published last month, 2014, Chinese 17% of boys and 9% of girls were overweight, and overweight in 1985, the proportion of boys and girls were less than 1%.

reports that the report studied the country's rural youth overweight. Young people in China's rural areas are often attracted to the world's largest regular army.

these rural teenagers have more sedentary lifestyle, many of them will play computer games, Internet access while eating snacks.

reports that fast food chains in China are relatively poor rural areas of rapid expansion, rice and vegetables are being replaced by the traditional diet pizza and carbonated drinks.

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