Paul George will serve as the cover of "2K17 NBA"

Paul cover George character

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-06-02 10:48:05

2K scheduled local time in late June 1st released "NBA 2K17" of the ordinary version of the cover, the result not counting, PlayStation North America official blog to sell them. According to the official PlayStation log in the pre order information display, Indiana Pacers star Paul George will serve as the "NBA 2K17" on the cover. Class= img_box "

"2K17 NBA" on the cover in the composition and the previous similar, but in the details are different. In "NBA 2K16" cover, Curitiba et al have university in Jersey and this figure, George did not put on the California University in Fresno, Jersey, we should see the U.S. National Team Jersey, Murphy World Championships and the Olympic Games (this happens to be the year of the Olympic Games) will become the main theme of the?

although this is the first time George appeared on the "NBA 2K" on the cover of the game, but before that he had the series and soon, the experienced serious fracture and the ashes of the outside star served as the "MyNBA2K16" App partner on the cover, and a cameo in 2K held in the official tournament guest commentary.

"Paul George in the 2013 Eastern Conference finals on the classic" NBA 2K17 "by

deduction scheduled for sale in September of this year, before this, officials have confirmed that just retired legend Kobe Bryant will serve as the legendary version of the cover.

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