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Chinese has built the world's largest 4G network       -   Ministry of industry and Minister Miao Wei" >

Miaowei said, China has the world's first Internet The number of network users and the number of mobile Internet users, to become the world's largest production base of electronic information products and the most market information consumption growth, as of the end of 2015, Chinese has 688 million Internet users, Internet penetration rate reached 50.3%, the mobile Internet access traffic over T (4 million bytes), an increase of 103%.

15px;" in addition, Miao Wei also highlighted the 5G technology. He said, on the one hand, 5G directly promote the great leap of mobile communication technology and products, driven by the rapid development of chip, software and other fields; on the other hand, 5G and industrial, medical, transportation and other industries, the depth of cross coupling innovation, the birth of the industrial Internet, car networking and other new formats, to people's production and life style even thinking will have a profound impact.

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