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comprehensive Beijing daily news, these two days, a lot of people's WeChat circle of friends by the Financial Street bear infested brush screen. Although the bear bear two "was eventually pulled out of Financial Street, but unfortunately, it still failed to save the stock market yesterday, stock index is still close to a slight decrease of 0.11%, staged a rebound in a day"". A helpless sigh: get rid of cute bear bear two, couldn't get the more terrible "bear".

bear bear two trip to Financial Street, ups and downs.

children's day before the day, a group of Financial Street shopping center out of the door put a set of concerns. By the children love the big bear, bear two and bald strong this group of quarrelsome lovers, appeared at the entrance of the shopping center green table. The two bears Biren is high, one of the arms move, face Meng ring, another arms, face some playfully. A lot of small bald strong, he is like a pair of scissors in hand, smiling.

, according to the reporter, this is a company through the exclusive operation, the first time the bear infested IP on display in Beijing. Unexpectedly, this has led to a misunderstanding. Because the shopping center is located in the China Commission Office Fukai building only 100 meters away across the road, and from the beginning of the other display point of view, the three "lead" for the commission.

bear infested statue in person to the China Securities Regulatory commission. "Bears, green, stand in the SFC opposite, is really a perfect match. The distance China commission only 100 meters away, is the opposite, opposite, really do the neighbors. Bear bear two in commission near the haunted "news spread like wildfire, quickly maxed circle of friends. Two bear friends from the eyes of the "Star", become a universal concern about "red net". In the hearts of investors, "bear" means the loss of money, it is quite dreadful. A small number of investors and even shouted a "hit" slogan.

investors do not panic, this is not your entertainment feast. Organizers have issued a solemn statement, which shows that this is designed for children and 61 children's Day layout of the Meng bear struck as the theme of the show. In addition to the outdoor group, the shopping center also placed several indoor. On the outside of a group, but only to allow the shape of the front face to the intersection, so that more people see. He visited Financial Street, but to advocate the concept of environmental protection, is not a malicious short stock market.

however, there is news that the shopping center was at noon when the Commission received a phone call, asked to move in the direction of the bear, then do the shopping center. Has the effect from the day's stock market volume rose over 3% point of view, it seems that there is a real effect. Stock market rose, the biggest one-day gain since the past three months, but also in one fell swoop recovered 2900 points.

things are not finished. The direction of adjustment, no longer bear bear two toward the CSRC, but to the bank. The shopping center also received the complaint, also requires a change of direction. Shopping center to take into account if you change direction, there may be a complaint by the Bank of Beijing, or simply toward their own, but the bear butt is toward the street. So, the shopping center will simply take the two bear overnight withdrawal, replaced the two - supporting cartoon monkeys.

"poor bear big bear two. "Friends are made dumbfounding. "Later monkeys, and the overall stage design is very not harmonious. Two monkeys did not bear bear two kind of arrogant and exaggerated performance, simply because some pressure to the bench. "

is innocent bear out, the monkey to the emergency support. Yesterday is the children's day, originally a joy for the kids in preparation for the party, but because the haunted places ", the player is forced to be inopportune or inappropriate" cute.

but bear infested no, the stock market will be able to cattle up from yesterday's performance of the stock market, it is clearly not yet achieved the desired results. A stock market is not a continuation of the previous trading day a strong rebound in the Shenzhen stock index rose 0.48%, the gem rose only 0.42%, the Shanghai index is green, down 0.11%. Stock market rally continued only a trading day, staged a short day tour". The original

and the stock market has nothing to do with the children's day this year, but due to a "bear" to the Financial Street incident, caused a lot of people's attention, and staged a "change of direction" and "night Huanjiao" comedy drama.

bear bear two who provoke? But accidentally reap the melons! "However, organizers have therefore received an unexpected advertising effect," it is not outside the imagination of "planning" and "deliberate brewing ', but not deliberately unexpectedly reached tens of millions of advertising, a good standard of" event "promotion!" the organizers also said, this event has not been stopped, "the bear will bear", but only in the room, not "street".

" today Beijing Financial Street exceptionally lively, street square in front of impressively placed bald strong and bear bear two or three cartoon characters, insiders ridicule him "are actually in the SFC door on two bears". However, today the market volume is to break up, crazy pulled up 2900 points to regain success.

to the Commission at the entrance of the bear bear two and bald strong.

comprehensive source: Beijing daily

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