Zhou Yumin play the emperor costume handsome to no friends

Zhou Yumin handsome costume drama Emperor

fenghuangyule· 2016-06-03 07:00:34

Zhou Yumin debut costume drama

according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Zhou Yumin (VIC) famous for playing the "meteor garden" in the "" "overnight, low-key introverted personality, is the best actor in many comic book series, after acting up to filming the movie" riffraff hero "transformation, with" home "won the golden bell as the emperor in 2015, 4 years of married love Yu Hongyuan, the couple is about to meet the child was born, can cause feelings of two. He went to the mainland, making the first cabinet "costume fantasy drama beauty", 2 days of exposure be installed according to a handsome appearance, the eyes are bright!

Zhou Yumin

"cabinet costumes beauty" is regarded as the "green hill fox legend" sequel, "green hill" Fox legend story adapted from "the fox" Strange Tales from Liaozhai story, and "beauty" is adapted in the cabinet since the Internet writers novels "rouge" drunk hydration. Zhou Yumin plays the role of Li Han in the Tang Dynasty emperor "beauty", the king has resourcefulness and affectionate, met Hu Bingqing as a weasel fine, played by Chen Yao fox, 3 people for involvement in the court fight and emotional entanglements.

Zhou Yumin debut 15 years, first sageuk, still dominating the emperor, high comb hair with beautiful facial features, especially a pair of thick eyebrows slightly melancholy look more handsome Royal robe collocation. Netizens praised his costume "Yan value guards, plus the fox love, love let the drama palace theme, has aroused widespread expectations.

Zhou Yumin

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