Wan Gang was elected president of the association of the ninth Chinese Shi was elected vice president of a public, Pan Jianwei etc.

Cast Wan Gang Pan Jianwei Shi Yigong ninth

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Xinhua news agency, Beijing, June 2 - (reporter Yu Xiaojie, Yang Na) China Science and Technology Association, the Ninth National Congress in June 2nd in beijing. Vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Minister of science and technology Wan Gang was elected chairman of the Ninth National Committee of the Chinese Association for science and technology, Shi Gong, Pan Jianwei and other 18 comrades elected vice chairman.

Wan Gang in "Nine" closed behind the scenes at the press conference pointed out that the platform organization open, hub, is according to the new requirements of the national innovation system construction, an important goal of the Association for science and technology development. Open type means to promote collaborative innovation for science and technology organization between enterprises and scientific research institutions, universities and innovation, build a unique Technology Association for network; comprehensive innovation science concept and service mode, the use of government and social capital cooperation mode, the whole social science cooperation pattern. Hub type means for science and technology organization to bridge, all kinds of innovative elements, the main work of the Institute for science and technology organization to promote the solid, at all levels of close interaction, forming a network connection; lead science and technology workers to enter the industry chain, around the construction of the industrial chain innovation chain, innovation chain, industrial chain close connection. Platform type means for science and technology organization more flat, to play a greater role in building high level academic exchange platform, public entrepreneurship peoples platform for innovation, science and technology workers growth and other aspects of the platform; actively support more scientists on the international exchange platform, to promote science and technology Chinese onto the international stage exchange.

Wan Gang stressed that the new era of technological innovation to the "one body two wings" are more coordinated, the work of the government should be closer to the needs of the workers in science and technology, science and technology workers "think, think, hope" to become the government's "do, for". To optimize the academic environment is the common task of the science and technology community, and the scientific and technological ethics and the construction of academic atmosphere. Encourage agricultural science and technology correspondent with the technology to go deep into the countryside, to give the farmers to see, with farmers to do, led the rich".

mechanical professional learning Wan Gang from 1979 to 1981 in the theoretical research of Tongji University experimental structure, master's degree in 1981 and stayed for teaching. From 1985 to 1991, he went to Germany to study at the Department of mechanical engineering, TU Clausthal. From 1991 to 2001 in the German Audi automobile company. From 2001 to 2007, the new energy automotive engineering center, Tongji University, director, vice president, vice president, president. Since April 2007, Minister of science and technology.

on the same day, Ma Weiming, Wang Xi, Shi Gong, Pan Jianwei and other 18 comrades elected vice chairman of the Ninth National Committee of the China Association for science and technology. In addition, the meeting also awarded a prize for 10 "national outstanding talents" in 10 and "China outstanding young talents" subjects.

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