Rich people in Asia are crazy to buy dollars

The rich the dollar Asia is

shoujitengxunwangcai· 2016-04-19 06:20:15

Tencent, according to Bloomberg News Agency article, in view of this year's dollar appreciation of Asian currencies, the responsibility to manage the wealth of wealthy Asian fund managers recommend customers to buy dollars. < p > Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse Group AG) is advising the private clients to buy $, so that customers will from the won, the Taiwan dollar, Thai baht and the Philippine Peso benefit. UBS says investors should buy dollars in exchange for dollars and yen. Responsible for Asia's wealthy about $2.5 billion in Stamford Management Pte believes that customers should buy dollars, especially when the Singapore dollar exchange rate against the dollar than 1.35 when. < on April 14, the monetary authority of Singapore (the monetary authority of Singapore) to implement the unexpected easing monetary policy incredible. However, some other policy makers will have to follow this practice in Singapore. Currencies in Asia's ten countries have risen this month, excluding the yen, 0.1%. In the first quarter of this year, Bloomberg -JP Morgan Asia dollar index has risen 1.9%, for the first time since the seven quarter rose, although traders believe that the Fed's interest rate hike time will be adjusted. < p > at Credit Suisse private bank and Singapore's wealth management division senior currency strategist Koon how hen said, in the first quarter, following the Asian currency rise sharply, there is now a good opportunity for other currencies to hedge against dollar. In the second half of this year, if the economic growth prospects of Asian countries to further deteriorate, then the Central Bank of these countries will have the potential to implement loose monetary policy, and there is a lot of risk.

yuan and the Fed

Heng is expected in the second half of this year, the RMB weakness and the Fed's two interest rate hike will further stimulate the dollar appreciation.

last week, Singapore's central bank said it will take on a basket of currencies of other new stable policy. The specific content of the currency basket has not yet been published. Singapore will return to the currency stance taken by the financial crisis of 2008. Following the International Monetary Fund's warning that the negative interest rate policy will bring huge risks to the global economy for second days, in a policy statement in Singapore, the country cited a less favorable external environment, said. < p > in Singapore Royal Bank of Scotland Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC) strategist Mansoor mohi Uddin said to revive the economy, New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan policy makers in the next few months will cut interest rates. He said the Bank of Japan in April 28th to develop policies to increase the number of asset purchases, and further reduce the deposit reserve ratio.

he said that in view of Singapore's economy is seen as a leader in Asian economies, so the Singapore monetary authority's move will enhance the risk of other central banks to develop loose monetary policy.

this month, the Bank of Korea hit a record low of ten consecutive months of benchmark interest rates unchanged at a record low. < UBS in Singapore and the region's wealth management business chief investment officer Kelvin Tay said that until 2017 for the first quarter, the dollar against the Singapore dollar will appreciate to 1.42, within the next 12 months, the U.S. dollar against the yen will rise to 122. On Tuesday, at 12:18 in the afternoon Singapore exchange market, the dollar is 1.3480 dollars, yen for 109.07.

Tay said that the Asian Currency's rebound is over, the region's currency is not in a strong base. < p > Stanford Management (Stamford management consulting company CEO Jason Wang predicted that in the next few months, the dollar against the Singapore dollar will appreciate to 1.40. In March, when the dollar fell to its lowest point in nearly nine months, he advised customers to buy the dollar and suggest that the dollar against the yen this year is not likely to fall again to 1.35.

Wang said that in the next few months the dollar will continue to be strong, which is very detrimental to the currency of the emerging markets. He believes that the performance of any country in Southeast Asia can not be more than the dollar. (translate /Yilia)

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Rich people in Asia are crazy to buy dollars