Pace Wu angrily denied eight card is at odds with Christine Fan s happiness

Pace Wu s eight Christine Fan love her

guangmingwangzonghe· 2016-06-03 08:50:01


recently, an article on Pace Wu s and decorum former seven fairy had already fall apart in the news network heat transfer, in June 2nd, Pace Wu published a long micro-blog at gossip Care Association to grow, and the sun family portrait and Wang Xiaofei and Christine Fan and daughter photo, that not hearsay.


吴佩慈怒斥关八证幸福 否认与大S范范不和

Pace Wu said he is very happy, finally also said: "choose to quit to concentrate on family, it will keep a low profile, but I never forget you for my love, I think all feel very warm."

吴佩慈怒斥关八证幸福 否认与大S范范不和

Pace Wu also drying out the photo of a photo of three and Wang Xiaofei and his daughter, and Christine Fan, and that between the sisters substandard rumors.

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"center TEXT-ALIGN:" align= "center", "" Pace Wu a good friend of the past photo (data map)

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