Social support costs in the end who raised? Funding to become a mystery

Upbringing fee whereabouts fund society

yicaiwang· 2016-04-19 06:20:41

"dialysis social support fee" of three: social maintenance fee levied 25 billion?

in recent years, the scale of social support and whereabouts has been shrouded in a thick fog, less known. Today, we carefully analyze some of the social support of the cake in the end how much.

, arguably, this problem is not a state secret. However, over the years the scale of social support and related data has not been relatively clear and clear public information. This leads to a lot of questions from the public. We doubt that citizens do not know how much money do not know, but how to talk about the specific whereabouts of the money it?

analysis of the Zhang Yimou in 2014 to pay the up to 7 million 480 thousand yuan, known as the Chinese social support fee the first single social upbringing fee levy can be seen on the degree of its severity.

Zhang Yimou in three children in 2001, 2004 and 2006 births. The social compensation fee collection standards roughly estimated as follows:

2000 years, Zhang Yimou's actual income is 2760 yuan, less than that of Wuxi urban residents per capita disposable income of 8603 yuan, the collection should be 3 times of the latter, that is 8603 yuan × yuan; 3=25809; Zhang Yimou

2003, the actual income of about 1 million 60 thousand yuan, should be 8 times of the basic collection the standard of 11647 yuan, and the per capita disposable income of more than 2 times in the collection, that is 11647 yuan × 8+ (1060000 yuan -11647 yuan × yuan); 2=2189882; Zhang Yimou

2005, the actual income of about 2 million 510 thousand yuan, should be 8 times of collection of basic standard of 16005 yuan, and the per capita exceeded disposable income by 2 times and the collection, that is 16005 yuan × 8+ (2510000 yuan -16005 yuan 2=5116030 yuan ×).

this bill really astounding, its deterrence efforts is quite large.

cake in the end how much?

collection standards so high, then the total amount of social support in the end how much it? Whether it is the guardian of the department or the financial sector did not disclose the relevant data, the media reports are very little and vague. < long-term study of family planning of population scholars heyafu projections, from 1980 to the present, if the average each bounce actual population is levied fines for ten thousand yuan, which can be calculated: 1.5 billion to 2 billion extra births fines amount is 1.5 to 2 trillion yuan.

indeed, whether ordinary people or law enforcement agencies tend to regard social compensation fee as fines. In order to more objectively and fairly, we still from 1992 the State Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the State Bureau of commodity prices jointly promulgated the measures for the administration of planned fertility fees for time points (unplanned birth fee is social compensation fee's predecessor) to see how much the size of the fund. July

2013, Zhejiang lawyer Wu Youshui once 31 provinces to apply for social support related information disclosure, only some of the provinces to provide a total amount of social support costs, other information is not provided. 9 months, 14 female lawyers jointly sent a letter to the National Audit Office to apply for public information, ask social compensation fee income and expenditure is belong to the audit matters.

as of the end of 2013, under the external force, there are 24 provinces announced the 2012 annual social compensation fee collection, the total amount of 20 billion 98 million yuan. If this figure is true, then it can be estimated that the annual collection of social compensation fees may reach 25 billion yuan or even higher. < the same year, the National Audit Office announced the social compensation fee special audit report of 45 counties of 9 provinces and cities nationwide, is partially opened shrouded in social compensation fee on the mysterious veil. < p > according to the audit, Gansu, Shaanxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Hebei and other nine provinces and municipalities in 45 counties, from 2009 to 2012 by the end of May, to more than 30 million people in the collection of about 27.8 billion yuan social compensation fee per capita 9266 yuan. Worthy of note is that the audit mainly according to the objective of the County Township, and many are low per capita income of rural residents in the western provinces, the actual levy amount than in the eastern provinces especially the gap between Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities. Taking Beijing as an example, the social compensation fee collection standard is slightly different, but also the basic level in 2289 yuan. < so from the National Audit Office, the audit results also difficult to compare precisely calculated social compensation fee of the total levy, but can determine certainly, this is a sum of the annual levy of up to hundreds of billion yuan of the huge amount of money. For such a large amount of people concerned about the high degree of special funds, its size and whereabouts, it is necessary to take the initiative to open to the public. CPPCC members have suggested that the social support fee, to be like the sun three that, collection and expenditure details are to see light, accept special audit. Social support costs in the end where to use it? Social support fees, in the end who raised? Please pay attention to the four of the series of "social maintenance fees". An insider's newspaper will show the hidden secrets of social support costs.

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