Rainbow UAV: equipment research and development in the field of a catfish"

UAV system catfish combat effectiveness R & D ground attack

· 2016-06-03 14:04:24

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of Beijing in June 3, xinhuanet.com recently appeared on the network news 4 rainbow UAV Using Satcom control to complete the attack on the test, but also completed a mount photoelectric load test hd. These two trials, will give the rainbow 4 what kind of new capacity to bring it? Before

in this, the rainbow 4 has been using the horizon of the data link to control, but the distance of the data chain to achieve the control of the rainbow 4 distance of not more than 250 km. Satellite communication is used to transmit data by satellite communication, which can make the control distance of 1000 km to 4 km, or even longer.

and rainbow 4 mounted on HD load, we can make the UAV more clearly see the target. That is to say, through the SD equipment at a distance to see a person, we can see whether this HD equipment can even carry weapons, we need to determine which is not the target of attack by his gait and movements.

apparently, these two technologies make the available range of rainbow 4 and the actual attack ability greatly increased.

until today, the rainbow 4, including the next model of the rainbow 5, did not install the so-called more advanced clutch impeller engine, so that there are some military fans feel not happy". But it is in a controllable range of costs to achieve the greatest degree of operational effectiveness. So this is a Chinese character, at the same time can achieve a very high operational requirements of the UAV system.

rainbow 4 unmanned aerial vehicle was first exported, the actual video through the network to spread worldwide, is actually one of the best live advertising. With this kind of "advertisement", more and more countries realize the rainbow 4, to have more people to purchase in the purchase of rainbow rainbow 4; 4, we continue to put forward new requirements, in turn led rainbow 4 in technology of constant development and perfection.

rainbow 4 is to find users by the enterprise itself, to raise funds for research and development projects, this way and our traditional weapons and equipment R & D mode is completely different.

rainbow 4 in the continuous development of the process is not through the national capital injection to complete, but through the market development and sales to make profits, profit and then promote the technology continues to grow. This model, it is precisely what we need most in the future for a long time, the lack of a model.

we often talk about catfish effect, rainbow 4 can be seen as one of our weapons and equipment research and development in the field of catfish. The emergence of this catfish will not bring more impact? Bring real catfish effect? This has far exceeded the rainbow 4 itself in the technical sense. It should be said that the rainbow 4 along this pattern and ideas go down, a large number of new and more advanced weapons and equipment R & D to become active in the water.

rainbow 4 technical improvements are still in the field, and the development of the field is also in accordance with the needs of the battlefield and users continue to move forward. On the basis of the rainbow 4, the update of the rainbow 5 has also been on the fly to the sky. I sincerely hope that the rainbow 4, rainbow 5, as well as the Rainbow series UAV can fly higher and higher, more and more far, to drive more people to join us in the construction of national defense! (Chen Hu)

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