The drone dog, the dog God!


jikefan· 2016-06-03 20:49:13

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mention drones. What is the purpose of your thought? Aerial photography? Monitor? Military? Have you thought about using drones to walk the dog? Fruit a crooked man drinking beer while the drone dog, look so comfortable!


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then, remote control, dog...

(it is really the beep dog)

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enough blow it for a lifetime of

" dude, not bragging beep,

did you know Lao Tzu UAV you!"

smart buddy has been found, which is the combination of Into the production of light from the video angle, the dog's shadow effect is not in place, the aircraft pulled up the dog, the dog and the ratio of the background is not. At the same time, the video also brings us a problem, the UAV can really load it?

UAV load is feasible, but at present still immature, many manufacturers are in the development stage, so that the UAV can not meet the needs of most people's lives.

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The drone dog, the dog God!

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