Ant gold suit, fly loan have a chance to be among the unicorn?

The ant the unicorn.

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the number of prime minister Li Keqiang to attend the fair, the main mobile phone APP loan concept was used to bank loan fly rapid inflow of funds of small and medium sized enterprises speech has aroused great interest and thinking of the heads of the high iq. And in a month ago, their CEO also conducted a wonderful speech on the GMIC.


so much on the Internet Marketer "old driver who was flying loan chairman Tang Xia's view to frightened. Industry and even rumors, the Internet financial market is very broad, following the Ant King service, flying loan may become the next unicorn. Caused a great disturbance.


you know, at the end of April, the ant gold Fugang completed B round of financing, financing amounted to $4 billion 500 million (about 29 billion 200 million yuan), the global Internet industry is by far the single the biggest financing, and this round of financing after the completion of the ant payment service has reached $60 billion valuation.


it is a dark horse, but flying loan what become the ant gold suit unicorn?


trillion market: ants are big army, flying loan is a special commando


the ant gold suit six pillars are: Alipay, Alipay wallet, the balance of treasure, treasure ants, small loans, commercial bank. There is no doubt, backed by Alibaba trees, ants in the mobile payment and electronic commerce related to the business related to the basic realization of the monopoly.


fly loan policy is to concentrate firepower onslaught, in order to focus a single point of breakthrough. This "breach" is at present China's biggest pain point - small business people, entrepreneurs can not borrow money, that is, credit shortage.


the focal market can erupt much power? Tang Xia, chairman of the board has done a thorough investigation, serious structural imbalance in the field of loans, capital flows are poor. His judgment, this is the biggest opportunity to fly loan, if the loan can solve this problem, then the greater the value of the company's responsibility is greater.

specifically, registered total of more than 56 million, of which 94.17% by small and medium-sized enterprises occupy the , but it accounts for 94.17% of the registered enterprises to get the credit service only 5%. in China's financial institutions, the loan balance of a total of 99 trillion and 360 billion, the total amount of social financing scale of 136 trillion and 230 billion, and then look at the small and micro enterprises, the real balance is only 17 trillion and 400 billion.


at some point, relying on the Ali Department of Taobao ant payment service can cover many Small and micro businesses, it is a "white knight to save us all". But the ant payment service mainly service is Alipay and Taobao business data to establish a white list database, more is 8 million users, this is a very great contribution. Fly loan is through multiple comprehensive credit, that is, as long as not on the blacklist, can apply to the loan amount, the minimum service base is 56 million business people.

this is equivalent, ants can good service in a big circle in the problem, but the loan to fly can be solved inside and outside circle, let the circle the user can enjoy convenient financial services.

no fly lending accounted for much, this is a trillion level market, the people's Bank of Chinese data show that small and micro financial market is huge still, in the rapid growth, by the end of 2014, China banking Small and micro businesses loans 15 trillion and 460 billion, an increase of 15.5%.

ant gold suit although tentacles very broad, but the huge market space. Trillion market, flying loan to identify the user pain points, to seize the core China 56 million small and micro business owners loans in this market, as long as make it a huge gap in the market, then a unicorn might really is not a dream.

"short main frequency urgent demand,"

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" short "is required for a very short time, small amount is small, the" frequency "is particularly high frequency, the frequency of loan repayment, is quite high. "Urgent" is the business came very suddenly, the uncertainty of the loan, repayment. Why is this so? Because they are in order to reduce costs, to fight for a certain living space.


and existing bank loans to financial institutions, the application is difficult, difficult, difficult, approved payment repayment difficult, difficult to use, simply can not meet the needs of small and micro users. Over the years, the country has made numerous requests for financial institutions to small and micro enterprises dumping documents, but with little success. The fundamental reason is that both the safety of funds, but also to meet the short frequency urgent, too difficult, the rational choice is to eat good meat for large enterprises.

Small and micro businesses "short frequency urgent for demand based on the fly loan targeted app mobile phone development loan products. 5 minutes on the phone to complete all the application for registration, the maximum amount of 300 thousand, in addition to do with the loan also.


as with also, the user can extend the deadline, you choose a daily interest within 30 days, with the loan repayment mode, but suddenly the money is tight, it still need a long time to flow, you can adjust to 6 month period, a period of 12 months. Any shorten the period, when you extend the period, but the funds are plenty, you can choose to repay in advance, but not the default payment. With the use of a substantial reduction in the entrepreneur, business people's cost of capital.


and dynamic management, good credit users pay a higher amount, lower interest rates.

"win-win cooperation with a number of banks: signing


fly loan to do this ambitious project, simply said is that Small and micro businesses and even individuals can smooth the application to get the funds needed.

fly loan model is actually very simple, only the customer loan users, never touch P2P, there is no financial users; all lending money from bank credit, and not all of the money from the loan account on the go to the customer, directly from the bank card, the bank and the customer loan contract is signed, flying is equal to the loan only banks and Small and micro businesses" connector".


so that each match a bank and Small and micro businesses loans, loans will fly from clients from a commission as contributed to this transaction return. "Compared to usury and no money available, customers are willing to pay for this." Tang Xia said.


cooperation with the bank, on the one hand to solve the fly loan sources of funding and security issues, on the one hand to revitalize the banking institutions, funds and timely guide Small and micro businesses, real support to the development of the real economy. Win-win cooperation can go further.

" portrait "

compared to traditional bank lending process fly, the loan lies in a breakthrough, it is realized through the mobile phone APP two loans, are behind APP a set of strict lending risk control algorithm, this is its core competitiveness.


bank lending to generally require collateral, financial reporting and other" hard conditions ", which has become Small and micro businesses evil dream. Fly loan can be uploaded by the customer in the APP material, quickly determine his credit status, and given the amount of credit. Tang man called "portrait", namely flying according to the enterprise and business owners of the loan transaction marks, for him to draw a comprehensive profile.


in particular, portraits of the raw materials (data) must have absolute guarantee. Whether Ali, or Tencent, Baidu etc., are limited in their own ecosystem, without intermediate links, these data do not have access to third party data confirmed, it is difficult to draw a realistic portrait of the user. Flying loan operations, the use of a large number of third party data, in particular, including the central bank's credit data, which can be very complete picture of the picture, will give a more comprehensive, real credit.


look, fly the loan" portrait "APP mobile phone with a few simple steps can be completed, but the wind control on the user's credit status system has been mastered, the process of using face recognition technology, remote authentication technology, electronic signature technology the data and cloud technology, now has the ability to control the wind" 300 thousand minutes, the highest amount borrowed, "the within the limit can give accurate assessment of the customer.

Internet lending business, if you do not stop fraud, a company can be two days away. Ping had previously tried Internet loans, two days cheated eight hundred million, and later did not want to do, because the risk control is not enough. And the wind control all by excellent algorithm and technology, in view of this, the fly loan is indeed a technology driven company.


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