Softbank Ali: crazy to sell the amount of cash of $10 billion!

Dollars Softbank cash investment

touzijie· 2016-06-04 10:40:50

The first three days of June

, Softbank Ali shares reduction in the amount of $7 billion 900 million from the first day of the second day, rose to $8 billion 900 million, up to third days, Ali Softbank has by selling shares, cash $10 billion.

, according to Bloomberg news, Japan's Softbank an overallotment, selling more shares of the Alibaba group through the trust, it re cash of $1 billion 100 million, the total amount of up to $10 billion.

Alibaba's biggest shareholder first announced in June 1st, plans to sell at least $7 billion 900 million worth of shares of ali. This is since 2000, Softbank investment Ali for the first time since the reduction. After the completion of the reduction, the proportion of its shares held by the Alibaba will be reduced by about 28% to 32%.

6 2, Softbank Ali continued to sell $1 billion worth of shares, buyers for long-term shareholders of Alibaba Singapore state investment agency Temasek Holdings and Government Investment Company of Singapore (GIC). Wall Street informative

earlier mentioned, Softbank hopes through the reduction of Ali shares in cash more funds to improve their balance sheets, and create a more flexible space for other strategic investment.

Bloomberg said Softbank, hoping to find more opportunities to invest in startups and improve the current liabilities amounted to 11 trillion and 900 billion yen in the balance sheet. According to informed sources disclosed previously, Softbank President Nikesh Arora is currently led by re examining the company's investment situation, is likely to bring more asset transfer.

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