Courier parcels possession Report Award 3 with universal cover bacon couriers

Bacon drug trafficking possession cover incentives

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快递员举报包裹藏毒获奖3万 有人用腊肉掩护运毒

man due to report drug-related crimes meritorious police obtained 30 thousand yuan reward

快递员举报包裹藏毒获奖3万 有人用腊肉掩护运毒

police seized large quantities of drugs (police for map)

Sichuan news (Chengdu news June 3rd reporter Alvarez) encourage the express industry is an important part of the whole society to participate in the anti drug fight against drug crime. The morning of June 3rd, a masked young man walked into the Chengdu City Public Security Bureau narcotics detachment, because in the reporting of drug-related crimes meritorious, the man the police received 30 thousand yuan reward. The police, in recent years, with the rapid development of the courier business, illegal use of mail channels drug delivery cases continue to emerge, tea, health supplies, children's toys have become the ornament, criminals and drug delivery at the end of last year, Chengdu police have cracked the typical case along with the use of Bacon parcel of drugs.

case review: security now crystals unpacking and found that it was the police drug

Wang Jiang (a pseudonym) is a courier company staff, daily work is mainly carried out by security. In March 1st this year, Wang Jiang in routine X machine security, accidentally discovered a small parcel suspected crystal like object, what attracted his attention. Subsequently, Wang Jiang will be wrapped again over the security instrument, the screen once again shows the presence of crystal like material in the package, intuition told Wang Jiang, this package is likely to have problems".

"because of the security training, we will be more attention on liquid crystal liquid crystal." Wang Jiang said, the courier industry often received from the public security organs of the drug prevention training, and he also got some drug security sense, March 1st found the parcel in question, he called the Chengdu City drug crimes 24 hours hotlines, anti drug police rushed to the scene quickly.

"we arrived at the scene of a suspicious package again by X scanning, indeed found that the crystalline material." Police investigators, they carried out in accordance with the unpacking inspection, if found methamphetamine drugs, after confirmation, drug package weighs 600 grams. Let police investigators and the presence of personnel accident is that the drug was seized in a few of these drugs are hidden in the package, and was covered with tea.

according to the clues, the police immediately set up a task force to conduct further investigation, and related information to the sender and the recipient of mining. 12 days later, police Danghuo 5 drug gang suspects in the case, and destroyed two drug manufacturing dens, police at the scene also seized about 15 kilograms of liquid crystals of ice, 7 kilograms of methamphetamine seized a large number of drug manufacturing materials, tools and 3 vehicles involved.

June 3rd morning, Wang Jiang head wearing a mask into the Chengdu drug detachment, received a 30 thousand yuan reward.

told police: someone with a variety of drug delivery

bacon cover in recent years, the rapid development of express industry, while providing convenience for people, delivery channels has become one of the ways criminals carrying drugs, it is urgent to strengthen the work of drug delivery channels. In Chengdu in recent years the police seized the parcel of drugs in the case, criminals use express drug smuggling and trafficking cases continue to emerge, variety.

police, in addition to the delivery of drugs with camouflage tea, the police and the courier department also found in the work, the criminals with lamps, children's toys, clothing, health supplies and food delivery is fake, "nothing". Last year, Chengdu police seized along with the use of Bacon "parcels" drug trafficking, police, criminals will bacon dig, hiding the drugs, but was finally seized in the courier staff through security.

to combat drug crime needs the active participation of the whole society, but also need to actively cooperate with the courier sector support. The police, from the beginning of last year, led by the Chengdu City UNODC, began to carry out cooperation in drug control departments normalization and the courier industry, drug identification training for the Express Department staff, improve staff of the package in the sorting process inspection and recognition ability, and set of incentives to encourage drug crime report received a significant effect. The police according to the clues, has uncovered several parcels of narcotics, police said, in a report last year, the police had issued a single 100 thousand yuan reward.

found that the courier industry: half a year from more than 10 express parcel possession case

at present, the delivery channel has become one of the ways of transporting drugs criminals. Chengdu Post Bureau relevant responsible person said, on the one hand, Express Couriers faster, coupled with the huge number of parcel courier companies, the lack of the necessary inspection equipment, give criminals an opportunity. On the other hand, express delivery drug delivery can be separated from people, which increased the difficulty of the public security organs to investigate, these factors have contributed to a certain extent, the courier delivery of the wind.

to block the delivery of this new drug trafficking and trafficking channels, need to be employed in the anti drug awareness, security equipment investment, security and other aspects of the implementation of the system, etc.." The responsible person said, fortunately the courier industry in the fight against drug crime situation is good, Chengdu postal administration prior to the Chengdu municipal government submitted the relevant instructions, to apply for 5 million yuan of special funds for Chengdu city delivery enterprise new configuration of X optical safety inspection equipment to give financial subsidies. In addition, Chengdu postal administration also asked the courier companies to strictly implement the visual inspection of the box and the real name system acceptance. The responsible person said, consumers have this doubt, think this is complicated and influence of privacy, "but the practice proved that the visual inspection of the box and the real name system acceptance is indeed beneficial to reduce the risk, to avoid the flow of drugs into the delivery channels."

it is understood that since last November 1st, all of Chengdu's express distribution centers are equipped with a security machine, to achieve the one hundred percent express delivery. As of now, Chengdu express industry of drug control work received results through the X machine security, has found more than 10 parcels possession case, seized more than 1600 grams of drugs directly. Which in November last year found a package of clothing entrainment of drugs, causing the public security departments to attach importance to the end of the police clues successfully cracked the case together with more than 20 kilograms of drug trafficking cases.

news links the masses narcotics police have cash bonuses of more than 130 yuan

in October last year, Chengdu city people to report drug-related crimes the introduction of incentives "Commission in Chengdu" (hereinafter referred to as the "reward", and do) announced the city's drug crime hotline: 24 hours 110 and 84449110.

according to statistics, since the "incentives" since the announcement, Chengdu police received a report from the masses, the police have cracked the drug more than 420 criminal cases, arrested more than 490 suspects, seized more than 4211 drug addicts, seized more than 30 kilograms of drugs and ephedrine finished more than 300 kg, 500 kg of semi-finished products cash, bonus 130 yuan.

it is understood that the reward of personnel, both grassroots cadres, public security activists, and a hotel waiter, Post Courier employees, rental housing landlord, security guards, guards, etc..

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