HUAWEI pay a single exposure Shenzhen high prices is not a thing

Shenzhen HUAWEI house price wage bill

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Core tip:

that is to say, if in 2015 down 4, 1377, 344 billion 200 million of the value of real estate bought billion, Shenzhen 2015 annual turnover of new homes was 222 billion 580 million, HUAWEI employee income, enough to buy 1.5 Shenzhen.

, that is to say, if in 2015 down 4, 1377, 344 billion 200 million of the value of real estate bought billion, Shenzhen 2015 annual turnover of new homes was 222 billion 580 million, HUAWEI employee income, enough to buy 1.5 Shenzhen.

do not worry about the blind! Look at the price of a single HUAWEI Shenzhen high prices simply do not matter son

HUAWEI to escape from Shenzhen to discuss continued fermentation, the mainstream view that it is high prices forced to go HUAWEI. These two days have reported that the recent Shenzhen 1.5 enterprise relocation, got the mayor all have denied: individual media misreading.

all of this problem are discussed of deja vu, every few years will rise wave, high prices pushed young people, high prices affect the competitiveness of the city, the high prices forced enterprises.... .

is really high prices pushed HUAWEI? Or that people only through the HUAWEI event, the air for high prices to vent their emotions than dissatisfaction? People have provided reliable data analysis?

through this opportunity, Amoy brother well to everybody popularity, HUAWEI people more money in the end, forced HUAWEI can go Shenzhen prices in the end.

years into the 5 million thousands of people

first look at HUAWEI's 22 level of staff income, attention, the first ready to wipe the saliva of paper towels.

1, the wage

2014 September -2015 year in June the monthly standard wage of RMB 65 thousand (pre tax).

2015 July -2015 in August the monthly standard wage of RMB 82 thousand and 500 (pre tax).

2, the dividend amount of

2014 annual dividend amount of 3 million 71 thousand and 160 yuan (after tax), the issuance of time for April 1, 2015.

2013 annual dividend of 2 million 376 thousand and 108 yuan (after tax), the issuance of time for April 1, 2014.

3, bonus

2014 annual bonus of 464 thousand and 755 (after tax), the issuance of time for April 20, 2015.

2013 annual bonus for the 464 thousand and 755 (after tax), the issuance of time for April 16, 2014.

4, grant

2013 from August to August 2015, the amount of overseas home subsidy, 843 thousand and 862 yuan (after tax).

2013 from August to August 2015, the amount of overseas hard subsidies, 81 thousand and 957 yuan (after tax).

2013 August to August 2015, the amount of foreign food subsidies, 6261 yuan (after tax).

, that is to say, the man, a year 2015 salary of 990 thousand pre tax dividend (pre tax), 3 million 70 thousand (after tax), $465 thousand (after tax), a subsidy of 466 thousand (after tax), add up to the above 4 items, income 5 million. It is reported that

, the HUAWEI employees, a vice president of sales department, rank 22 in HUAWEI, there are about 1000 people, the general duty is area vice president level and above, vice president of product line and above.

annual salary of more than 10 thousand people to carry out the rank of HUAWEI

system, undergraduate and graduate graduates enter the HUAWEI rank level 13 to level 15, Dr. 2 years, level, overseas promotion speed slightly faster, but it is more difficult to rise to 17, level 18 is generally of middle-level managers, 21-22 level to the level of the president, vice president.

HUAWEI's revenue is the bulk of the stock dividend, the majority of the annual profit of HUAWEI will be dividends and appreciation of the situation, the return to the staff. "In general for 2 years after the stock, but now for the following 15 employees have not issued shares, instead of TUP, similar to the stock, do not buy, but is only valid for 5 years, per cent is the same.

2015 years, HUAWEI's virtual stock dividends, 1.95 yuan per share, an appreciation of 0.91 yuan, a total of 2.86 yuan. Employee stock number and HUAWEI life strongly associated, if 17-18 level employees, 03-04 years in HUAWEI, hundreds of thousands of small general allotment shares, dividend tax of about 60-70 million. If it comes in 2000, dividends can be over 1 million. 20 or more of about 2-3 thousand people, this year's dividend has 200-250 million. The rank of 21-22 grade, pre tax dividend + rise more than 5 million.

bonus is also a very significant piece, but this part of the different systems vary greatly, and the performance is also strong correlation. Graduated from HUAWEI 3 years later, the end of the year award is generally around 150 thousand.

overall, entry 10 years, above average performance, the rank of grade 16-17, pre tax annual salary of 50-100 million. Rank evaluation of level 18 or above, above average, pre tax annual salary of over 1 million, the number of thousands of people, and Shanghai resident expatriate subsidies, pre tax annual salary of over one million estimated number of ultra million people.

, according to HUAWEI's 2015 annual report, HUAWEI 2015 wages, salary, welfare, time unit plan, after the departure of the planned total spending nearly 100 billion 800 million yuan! With a net profit of 36 billion 900 million (most stock dividends + appreciation to employees), HUAWEI spent the money on the staff of 137 billion 700 million, 170 thousand employees, annual per capita income of more than 800 thousand.

1377 million is what the concept of Shenzhen city in 2015 to see the new home market turnover situation. 2015 full year new residential average price of 32898 yuan / square meter, 66450 sets of transactions, turnover of 222 billion 580 million yuan.

2015 years, Shenzhen real estate turnover is the first Huarun city 11 billion 300 million, second investment double Yuxi 7 billion 944 million, Dinghao Gulf of Shenzhen No. 1 turnover of 5 billion 415 million. HUAWEI employee income last year, enough to buy 30 Huarun City, 43 merchants double Xi, 63 Shenzhen Bay No. 1.

if in accordance with the 50 thousand price, buy a set of 89 flat price 4 million 500 thousand, that HUAWEI spent last year on the staff of the money, enough to buy 76 thousand sets.

real estate circles all know, HUAWEI is the most common Shenzhen all real estate buyers groups, often less is ten, more than dozens of buyers hold together. The developers of HUAWEI is love and fear, love is its strong purchasing power, is afraid of its means of negotiation and awareness of rights, to buy Baotuan additional discounts, a problem on Baotuan rights, therefore, some worry about selling hot dish, not even clear that welcome HUAWEI group purchase.

it is reported that in 2015, HUAWEI's stock dividend in April 2016 issued, the bonus is also in May to account, the most recent HUAWEI people are at hand when the time.

when you sit in the computer keyboard man, filled with righteous indignation in the network, worried about high prices from HUAWEI. In the eyes of Amoy brother was for HUAWEI, completely blind to worry about, the emperor not nasty eunuch nasty. They are holding millions in Shenzhen and Dongguan Songshan Lake, massive sweep. Amoy brother

learned the news is that in Dongguan Songshan Lake real estate, a HUAWEI employee last week bought 7 suites. In the center of Longgang City, the central city of M apartment last weekend from HUAWEI, everyone recognized more than and 20 chips. In Longhua, a lot of HUAWEI also pegged to the horoy one city center.

in fact, HUAWEI is where to buy where to buy, the original 02 years, many departments of HUAWEI is still in the North District of Nanshan Science and Technology Park, a large number of old HUAWEI bought in Houhai blue coast. Later moved to Bantian, HUAWEI, Vanke City ushered in a lot of HUAWEI owners. The beginning of 2012, HUAWEI began a batch in the Songshan Lake House, because HUAWEI terminal headquarters located in Songshan lake. Two years ago, Bantian City Plaza opened, a large number of HUAWEI people. Because permanent overseas, some HUAWEI even in the world's major cities home.

blue coast house prices have become 90 thousand from 4000, Vanke City became 50 thousand and 5 from 5000, Songshan Lake became 22 thousand from 7000, Kaisa city square is due to the lock plate for the month event, did not start from 20 thousand to more than 50 thousand. Sometimes the world is so unfair, the richer the crowd, more and more rich. HUAWEI people work hard, earn high salaries, quietly buy, sedimentation value of wealth, you can't afford to buy a house, but for others worry about high prices.

HUAWEI people have money, and smart, from the house to taste the sweetness, a lot of people dividends and year-end awards to get hand, buy real estate. Also exchange experience, partnership to buy a house.

HUAWEI along Meiguan Road, Bantian road from Longhua to buy mission, Songshan Lake, in Mission Hills, Heron Lake International residential area is an area most people buy HUAWEI. It is reported that, according to the 2015 7 about 1 days Shenzhen Shijiaowei released "Meiguan highway, municipal transformation with the preliminary planning of traffic" Mei Koon municipal transformation will be widened and the two-way 14 lane, the heron lake surrounding the planning knowledge road and south ring concept two interchange.

golden 1 hospital villa, the recent turnover of a set of square meters, 194 square meters, the total price of about 15 million of the buyers from the. Prior to this, there are 5 people to buy a HUAWEI gold 1 courtyard of the platoon villa, 1300-1900 million of the total price. This district at the end of 2014 when people push top, HUAWEI bought 40 sets, 20 thousand of the 45 thousand now, haven't earned double burst. Top villa - the bully Yuet bay also has 3, HUAWEI buy hawker. The reason people buy HUAWEI field sales director said the heron Lake said: "HUAWEI is going to hospital No. 1 and five Avenue walk about 10 minutes south ring view, Meiguan road opening in the future for road, Meiguan road about 5 minutes walk. It is reported that "

, the No. 1 hospital currently have 9 sets of villas, including 194 square meters of the platoon of 6 sets, 220 square meters of double 3 sets, 60 thousand unit price of -8.5 million, the total price of 12 million to 19 million. 194 square meters of the platoon villa, the actual use of the indoor area of about 420 square, coupled with the garden and parking spaces, with a total area of about 500 square meters.

Lu Lake International Residential District is the area of the

HUAWEI here to buy the most
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