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China's refined oil price four rising probability

Refined oil price international oil price high

21shijijingjibaodao· 2016-06-04 22:27:59

three rising domestic oil prices after June 8th 24, a new round of oil price adjustment time window will open. This round of price cycle, the international crude oil prices continue to high consolidation, Brent oil prices hit new highs during the year. Industry experts estimate that China's refined oil price four rising probability.

according to the "oil price management approach", the domestic gasoline and diesel prices according to the international market price of crude oil changes every 10 working days to adjust once. The last round of domestic refined oil price adjustment occurred in May 25th 24, the price of gasoline and diesel ushered in the biggest increase in the year, respectively, up 210 yuan per ton and 200 yuan. Thus projections, in June 8th 24 of China's refined oil price adjustment time window will be open again.

from China's refined oil pricing mechanism can be seen, the international oil price level is the impact of China's refined oil price fluctuations of the key factors.

recent international oil market is concerned about the focus of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) general assembly. In June 2nd after the end of the meeting, OPEC announced no agreement to the limiting views of internal. In addition, Iran announced that it is open to discussion of any production agreement, but Iran will continue to produce oil until the recovery of market share, Iran's long-term production target of 4 million 600 thousand barrels per day.

OPEC meeting without results and finally makes the day the international oil prices fell by more than 2%. But the United States announced an unexpected decline in crude oil inventory data, but also pushed up oil prices. The end of the day both European and American oil prices closed up, which, Brent oil prices on the station 50 U.S. dollars a barrel, hit a new high of the year.

JOYOU information refined oil analyst Gao said, compared with the lowest point in the first quarter, the international oil price has rebounded more than 80%, which once again ignited the enthusiasm of the oil producing countries. Greater oil producing countries in the Middle East or will set off a new round of market share snatch war, so the results of the OPEC meeting is difficult to have good, which will have a negative impact on the long-term trend of crude oil.

perhaps oil producing officials did not quarrel even if the success of the meeting. , deputy chief Trading Officer of the financial headquarters of China Zhu Wenhao believes that due to the Iran had previously made it clear that the production will not freeze, making the market to reach an agreement on the OPEC meeting was originally expected to be more pessimistic. But the recent U.S. crude oil inventories fell for two consecutive weeks, showing the increasing demand for crude oil in the United States, supporting the formation of international oil prices.

from the recent international oil prices running level, compared with the last round of valuation cycle, the current round of international oil prices further rise, a package of crude oil price index to maintain the positive operation. With the valuation cycle into the second half, insiders judgment, the latter part of the domestic oil prices ushered four rising probability.

Xinhua news agency, the oil price system released in June 3rd data show that in June 2nd the average price of a basket of crude oil price change rate of 2.37%. Anxunsi oil price change rate index shows that as of June 2nd, the change rate index was 2.59%, refined oil increase rate corresponding to about 100 yuan per ton.

China refined oil industry analyst assistant Huang Lifang said, many regions of the world by supply disruption, and predict the impact of supply side investment, support the short-term bullish factors, oil prices are rising trend; but by the Fed may raise interest rates in June the news for the dollar strengthened, will suppress the international oil prices rises. It is expected that the current round of refined oil change rate to maintain a positive operation, but the corresponding domestic oil price increase is limited.

Chengsha said, this round of price cycle, reduce or increase the supply of international market news appear alternately, the market sentiment is more intense. The international oil price in a long time in the narrow consolidation of $49 a barrel to $50, and the last round of price adjustment period the price level uplift rate is not large, therefore, expect the current round of domestic oil price increases slightly, and even does not rule out the possible deadlock.

JOYOU information that, if the current price of international oil prices to run to the end of the valuation period, the domestic refined oil price or up 75 yuan per ton, equivalent to 0.05 yuan per liter of gasoline, diesel per liter raised 0.06 yuan.

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