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6 3 July China 19:35, Qinhuangdao team sits against the visiting Trinidad and Tobago Team. In this game, were high hopes for the 19 year-old Zhang Yuning first stage and finish the plum to open two degrees. Eventually, the Chinese team to 4:2 victory over Trinidad and Tobago.

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; Jiang Ning break!

second minutes of the game, Gao Lin to break through the restricted the right pass, Trinidad and Tobago failed to rescue the player, Jiang Ning headed the ball into the far corner of the goal!

thirty-first minutes, China team out of a corner, Gao Lin restricted the right pass the ball, Zhang Yuning header into the senior national team's first goal!

Zhang Yuning scored two!

sixty-fifth minutes, Chinese team out on the left corner, Jiang Ning cross Yu Hanchao, in the Chinese super shot was blocked by a defender, barbarian days right ball pass in front of the door Zhang Yuning leaned over, top, top of the ball into the net!

Pu Lhasa break!

sixty-seventh minutes, Silva left out of the corner, Birkel header rub Cape Lhasa, after the unmarked, lying on the ground right foot arch pad shoots the ball!

Williams break!

for eighty-sixth minutes, Sellers right ball, after transection Zhise restricted, Hector took the ball to pick the bottom, after the point, Williams header, the ball into the top!

barbarian days break!

eighty-ninth minutes, Chinese midfielder steals the ball to Zhang Yuning, Zhang Yuning took the ball out to the right, and then cross barbarian days, barbarian days trip ball into the forbidden area, right foot volley the ball!

Chinese team lineup
CengCheng (69   Yan Junling; Haifeng Ding), Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Lin, Zhao Mingjian (Zhang Chengdong 45); Yu Hai (45 "  Wu Xi, Huang Bowen (69 ')   Hao Junmin, Yu Hanchao, Jiang Ning (90)"   Yang Xu and Gao Lin (45) "Hu Rentian Zhang Yuning");

Trinidad and Tobago team lineup of
- Adrian Aubrey - David, a poll; about Hans Marshall (73   Daniel - Sellers) , Abu Bakr, Marcus - Joseph (58 '-   Willis Pula SA) - Winchester (73 "  ), Sean de Silva, Andre Blanco, Jones Mulvey (73 "  ), Nathan Lewis, csomar - Williams

tidbits aspect

19 Zhang Yuning, national football debut" display:

today's game, Zhang Yuning won the first opportunity for young. This is the first time he played soccer on behalf of China. Gao Hongbo attaches great importance to the training of young, Zhang Yuning once entered the lineup. on the training ground, strong Zhang Yuning showed very good resistance ability, he was against the ball ability also won the approval of his teammates, " the ball is very strong, very confident, feel good. "

Zhang Yuning is not the first time in the national team, the February 5th national team list, impressively in Zhang Yuning however, because the European League, he eventually missed the national team. This is the second time Zhang Yuning selected national team, is his first time to report to the national team.

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