Evaluation of the HP EliteBook1040G3 to light or performance?


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thin body increases obviously with SmartCard slot.
expansion decreased, part of the lack of business performance.
14 inch thin notebook computer business are a new benchmark, in a limited body accommodate more business characteristics.
for a laptop computer, no design characteristics, people will refuse to the slim and stylish, but for business people, designers to sacrifice some contribution to the business characteristics and the light parameters is really what you want? Today we will talk about this topic.
HP notebook computer products named has always been very strict, especially business series, HP's 200 location entry business, ProBook 400 mainstream users, EliteBook 800 high-end positioning the user, and the latest release of the EliteBook 1000 series of positioning in the 800 series, further highlight the characteristics of portability, at the end of the "40" represents the 14 inch screen. Further refinement of the EliteBook product line, "800" and "1000" can meet the requirements of conventional and thin, and now Lenovo T460/T460s Latitude, DELL E7470/7370 ThinkPad launched a positive competition.
price (yuan)
screen size (English Inch)
1920 * 1080
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Core i5-6200U
HD 520
The memory
hard disk;
256GB M.2 SATA (optional PCI-E support)
volume (mm)
337 * 235 * 15.8
weight (kg)" style= "
; battery capacity (Wh)
PCMark 08 (performance mode)
PCMark 08 (mode of life)
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from the hardware The performance, sent to test the EliteBook 1040 G3 and EliteBook 840 G3 models did not have too many differences, but can visually see the light localization in the shape design of 1040 G3 is not only more stylish, but also such as the diamond cutting process, the weight of 1.43kg and 15.8mm whole body thickness in that it is 840 and G3 business tough style is not the same, it is a thin type 840 G3.
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save the touchpad button
From the appearance design, a little contrast, the user will find 1040 G3 of the touch panel and 840G3 belong to the same glass material, but the 1040 G3 does not involve the physical mouse button and cancel the keyboard on the pointing bar. This point perhaps non business people do not care, but in get rid of the mouse, often directly to the customer presentations, display the chart when trackpoint and touchpad entities on the left and right mouse buttons for business people in terms of how convenient, only frequently used talent can feel.
need to mention is not as much business notebook computer market of competing products models ThinkPad T460, DELL Latitude E7470 fuselage, touchpad buttons and entities are reserved trackpoint. Imagine the severity of the ThinkPadT440 generation to cancel the touchpad button after being criticized by users, business users can understand the concern.
but with security issues more prominent, manufacturers choose to touch the fingerprint reader rather than rolling fingerprint reader before.
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in addition to the appearance, let us from the inside of the fuselage to the external expansion of the cost of the whole machine thinning analysis. From the internal point of view, the 1040 G3 M.2 specification SSD interface, and then use the 7mm 840 G3 thick 2.5 inch SATA hard disk (reserved M.2 slot); in addition to the 840 G3 body reserved two memory slots and 1040 G3 provides only a memory slot, it makes the day after the upgrade space narrowing; for ordinary users the most convenient way, the upgrade is to upgrade the memory, visible this point also makes the thin body of sacrifice.
for external input / output scalability, limited to thin body, such as VGA video output interface, RJ45 network interface will be canceled, the need to connect to the older generation of video output equipment and the need to use network access to network users it is difficult to accept.
by actual measurement, EliteBook 1040 G3 with the thickness of 15.8mm, belonging to the superior performance specifications in the same type of 14 inches in commercial products.
thin after the advantages of
after the analysis, is not that the new EliteBook 1040 G3 advantage is not obvious? In fact, as a result of the loss of light and thin performance, HP 1040 G3 have a good solution. If you have seen 1040 G3 products of the port, you will find it with a Smart card slot support security management (smart card reader, support authentication login), through which employees can be identified, the more effective management of people and equipment. In addition, such as fingerprint identification chip embedded TMP (optional) can be found in the location of the light business, but also for the expansion of the loss of EliteBook 1040 G3 is also presented using the preferential period dock to remedy. Let more attention to the desktop office and mobile office two scenarios more flexible application.
in addition, have to mention is 1040 G3 in thickness of the body compared to 840 G3 with the decrease of 3mm reached 17% of the decline, and the weight also has a reduced 100g nearly 7%. Such parameters in the eyes of business people who often travel is quite gratifying data.
1040 G3 EliteBook visible radiation window is arranged in the rotating shaft, so the design is only a small defect when the screen in use will influence the cooling effect.
and competing goods compared to see" box-sizin style=
understand the EliteBook 1040 G3 and 840 G3 compared with the door, then do a little analysis of competing products and two belong to business notebook computer camp.
on the current business field of view, is the DELL Latitude 147000 series, the hardware parameters both in addition to memory capacity 1040 G3 with a single 8GB capacity just a little better, the other is almost the same. In the body port scalability, such as smart card (SmartCard) slot, fingerprint identification devices and other security devices are required to be selected. In the physical parameters of the body, due to the DELL Latitude 147000 is not positioned thin series, so the 19.4mm thickness /1.5kg weight is not the same as the 1040 G3
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