Wu Yifan suspected of being "girlfriend" crusade against the bed according to exposure

Bed according to Wu Yifan arm woman

tengxunyule· 2016-06-15 14:32:30

Wu also where the bed according to suspected exposure

claiming Wu Yi where the girlfriend "female friends sun chat

claiming to be Wu Yifan's girlfriend sister look like? Red net net red

Wu Yifan studio had issued a statement

Tencent entertainment news (text / Jean core, Yida) yesterday (June 14th), named "G," the netizen claiming to be Wu Yifan's girlfriend, and broke a group of WeChat chat screenshots, content close, triggering hot. Although Wu Yifan studio subsequently issued a statement to clarify, but still failed to extinguish the rumors, and soon after, there are users out of the two suspected Wu Yifan bed according to the incident once again pushed to the top of the public opinion.

6 14, a small G Na claiming to be Wu Yifan's girlfriend, micro-blog Wu Yifan, and drying out suspected chats, questioned why Wu Yifan suddenly disappeared, even if you want to break up to give a word. Micro-blog reads as follows: "where Mr. @Mr_ from Vancouver to Toronto to Shanghai to Beijing, the city found in this life, I have no relatives nor friends, every day a person holding mobile phone waiting for you at home, but now you're gone, not back to the WeChat phone is not connected, you don't remember you said? Even if you want to break up to give me a word. What do you play?

then, another called "Wu Yifan new girlfriend exposure Vancouver 96 after" the woman reported out, triggering hot.

in this regard, Wu Yifan studio yesterday afternoon issued a clarification, said in a statement, the "net" girlfriend "purely fictional, reputation and other legitimate rights and interests of the serious infringement of Wu Yifan, disrupt the normal life and work of Wu Yifan, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of accountability.

however, the statement did not terminate the event fermentation, yesterday afternoon, another name for "love theway" (now renamed biubiubiubbb-) netizen PO two of a suspected Wu Yifan bed according to micro-blog in the comments below, then pushed to the public opinion. However, there are also other users pointed out that Wu Yifan I have a scar on the back of the head, but the bed according to the man did not, and therefore may not be the same person. In fact, Wu Yifan

, outgoing and woman dating rumors is not the first time, had some similar Wu Yifan bed according to spread, and claimed he was in Macao about a woman who play together, with a male voice and audio, audio of Wu Yifan is very similar, but the authenticity has not been confirmed. As to what is the truth? Tencent entertainment will continue to follow up the matter.

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