Consumers purchase a car to the development of cross-border car prices and how to change?


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is known to all, Chinese car city again station to the time node of a big turning point.

now, micro growth even zero growth has become the main theme of the car city, car market is facing structural adjustment and transformation, the old order has began to collapse. In the new business environment, enterprises can't rely on the past marketing copy sent to gain a foothold in the market.


although the overall car market environment is not as glittering in the past, the overall market growth slowed in the background, there are a lot of brand sales decline, but there are many brands of inverse Potential rise.


these can bucked the trend of the brand, it is clear that is to seize the market change air flow, identify the incremental market place.


, incremental market where? Nielsen Company "2015 in auto consumption demand changes the review and the New Year Trend Outlook" pointed out, the upgrading of consumption, electricity providers pulling, rise of the town and the effect of migration, car prices of particular concern the four big market opportunities.



10%-20%. The new immigrants in these cities, showing the characteristics of family oriented, settlement and prosperity. As a result of the new immigrants choose with their spouses, children, flowing together accounted for about 60%, and more and more migrant families began to arrange the elderly live together, so family travel driving intention to purchase a car increase rapidly.


two, four line of the city and countryside is a huge consumption potential, especially in the Midwest and Southern China area


national consumer survey data show that 100% of the max-width: asking in the next year if there is intention to buy a new car, 18% the third tier cities to give consumers replied in the affirmative, and the proportion of the four line of the city more high, reached 100% 20%. In the sales growth the fastest in the Midwest and South China, the four line of the city car buying intention scale respectively 20% and 21%< span style = "max-width: 100%; font family: Verdana; box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important;" >, higher than the second and third tier cities in the local.


three, Car Buying for consumers For the more diversified and cross-border, the market calls for breakthrough innovation category "max-width: 100% style=


by the Federation data show that the overall average price of passenger cars from 2011 in the 14.2 million yuan gradually rising to 15.1 million yuan. In the different price range, "10 million and the following vehicle sales increased from five years ago, 39% 201532%, 100%; font-family: box-sizing: border-box; important; word-wrap:! Break-word! Important;" > Million -20 million yuan between the proportion of from 42% growth to 49%.


; more and more consumers in the setting of Car Buying budget, will be different purpose, style, quality and price based on different categories, for free choose. At the same time, consumers in the choice of models is more personalized, more and more strong sense of self identity. They not only valued products and personal image correlation and overt propensity to consume more and more prominent, hope the new car to highlight its achievements and grade.


marketing sector has a truth: consumers where advertising where; where customers, marketing where. From Nelson's report, we can see that the consumption upgrade, urban markets and young consumer groups, car prices in particular need to grasp the three categories of people.


from the marketing level, car prices should be aimed at these three groups. For more targeted marketing.


for upgrading of consumption trends, products of the The breakthrough innovation , is help achieve high-end brand of an important way. With a unique feature of high-quality models, will win more consumers in the high-end of the road. Survey data show that 30% Chinese consumers think "high-end" is driving them to choose the main factors of new product.


for the urban market outbreak, the marketing channel of sinking and effect of landing , is a critical essay of car enterprises. In urban markets, in addition to the price dropping, is more important, car companies to learn put a low profile, make full use of traditional authoritative media and local media, and do more experiential marketing. To obtain the user's trust, is an important path to seize the market.


marketing for young people, car enterprises should be in the entertainment marketing and sports marketing spend more thoughts . This generation of young consumer groups, more emphasis is the recognition of the value proposition. In the surging tide of entertainment moment, the values of young people, mostly through the way of entertainment. In addition, cross-border cooperation, star effect, mobile interconnection elements implantation rather innovative marketing mode, also can attract young consumers to follow.


in a fresh, Chibian days, this marketing strategy has been very hard work of signs of differences between different consumer groups, will become more and more obvious. Marketing to the user, only to grasp where the user, the target user's new demand, new trends, car prices in the marketing strategy, in order to have a more.

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to know" Internet plus traditional media "

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