How to become more forced grid than the grid programmers

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chengxuyuanzhijia· 2016-04-19 09:40:26

forced forced more than a program

all kinds of design patterns, with no never mind, will be blowing
various data structure, a variety of trees, heap, stack, map, name to remember, the more difficult more important
algorithm, be aware that the name sounds more unintelligible, more by heart

don't fight a fight, low framework,
; don't fight for a language, low,

don't fight OS, fight, too low

to do, who is the sword, the sword is,

what tools can be used, what computer can not write code that a computer can

pay attention to big data. Style= /> to worry about artificial intelligence. Style= /> to see Sci-Fi movie. Style= /> to hoard set Lego. Style= /> to play the four axis, the remote control aircraft, the kind of special.

to write a OS, write a DB
to play MCU, to create a robot that can give it span>

to have a variety of intelligent products, watches, glasses And what, what to buy a helmet,

to have a girlfriend

a programmer is no time to take care of their appearance, looks like Einstein, wore a head chicken coop, messy fluffy beauty, no myopia in myopia, wear a bottle thick glasses, a scientific research worker Style.

equipment RGB (0, 82, 255); line-height: 24px; > computer programmer the configuration is very high, but very good appearance, the appearance of bump with + furnace ash dregs with broken bag, go back. From no wallpaper, no landscaping, give a person a kind of WIN98 feeling. Only text editor + development tool software. The more simple the more pure, on behalf of you the more cattle force. No ide do not use, really can not be installed, whatever the IDE, be sure to tune into a DOS or Linux that black background, give a person a cow force to coax the feeling.

bovine forced the programmer's desktop must be a big mess, development of documentation, code, pictures mixed in, in addition to own no one can know the core file which. In commercial spy trying to steal are not going to steal, but you need to specify a file, his points minutes will be able to find.

on the table can be free to put a few books, if the English original, the most time is also copy version, the thick, the better, don't tidy list on the shelf, must be in a heap on the table, a half dozen issuing, above all is hand them a shadow of their former selves.

through RGB (0, 82, 255); line-height: 24px;" > programmers with the most love is bragging, what about some cool fashion, what the Web3.0, cloud computing, mobile Internet development...... If you're talking about it, you're young too, too low. That stuff all big IT sites which have, a grasp a lot, are said to be rotten.
at least you also have to talk about young banian, streamer, Trojan glacier shows you a qualified old hacker, a little higher, silently lit a piece of plum, took out a yellowed photos: "this is our 1999 US bombing of the Chinese Embassy and Chinese Hacker Union collective black out the website after the group photo taken. Then these people be amnesty amnesty, Mai Shaobing selling biscuits to the, Chinese Hacker Union also with history vanished. " Looking out of the window of the light rain, pensive melancholy. Style= />" boss, then you must have a lot of broiler, right? How many ah? DDOS?" Style= />" ha ha, ha ha." Style= /> deep work and name.

< span style = "color RGB (51, 51, 51); font size: 14px; line-height: 24px." >
talked about the emotion, had said this is the programmer's mishap. Programmers usually have a high IQ, but very low Eq. Every time I fall in love, are in the loop loop inside with the select statement, loop once, you need to traverse, select once, not all select out, and then removed. This is the Tan Haoqiang of the garbage primary reading "C language program design," the poison. Caused a great deal of time and the loss of my physical overdraft. I put my mind to write the procedure used in the love, love when the brain is a big flow chart. Are IF, Y time to go one way, N time to take another road, there is no choice of third road. Love is not about rolling around, this also led to the rhythm, I have repeatedly been using but not excuse.

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