The waiters pan broom to wash? Clean pot

The canteen broom master

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users in late June 12th release of "pot wash broom". Hualong network

users in late June 12th release of "pot wash broom" picture raises questions. Hualong network picture hair Hualong June 14th 23:30 news (reporter Jia Tianyu) 12 days, someone broke the news that the staff of Chongqing in a school in Yongchuan will be directly put in the pot to wash the broom, and the allotment of multi scene photos, attracted many users concerned. Today (14), the reporter went to the Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College, Yongchuan, the relevant circumstances of the field survey. Class= img_box "

users posted screenshot. Hualong friends broke the news: the dining room "two floor

master washing broom in the canteen of rice pot, put the pot to wash the broom directly. I am not new, these things are not. "The 12 day 20:29, netizen" land "claimed that their staff will see the broom directly into the cooking pot in the school canteen cleaning two.

picture display, the cafeteria two men dressed in white uniforms standing in the oven, in which a man holding a red broom, cleaning stove wall white tiles with a broom. In another picture, the man put the broom into a pan on a stove, looks like in the cleaning broom.

in this regard, there are users of the canteen health expressed concern, questioned and even indignation, there are friends to explain that is in the water to clean the oil.

of the Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College, was sealed with clean pot (left) and normal wok (right) similar in appearance, but the careful identification will find traces of use significantly different. Reporter Shi Tao photo

site: window closed iron broom is sealed the pot cooking pot

not exactly what is the truth? 14 afternoon, the reporter went to the Career Academy, Chongqing water conservancy and electricity, to find the canteen users posting. Reporters on the scene saw the school window has been ordered to suspend business for rectification, there are still students playing rice near the window.

canteen official Zhang told reporters, a users post said not mop, but the kitchen cleaning brush, then cook is the caustic soda water inside the wok, brush for cleaning the walls of oil, use of iron, brushes are special tools, and not with the cooking pot cleaning broom. This window is "monopoly fried food, so oil than the next pasta, take food to weight, need to clean up every day with salt water. "Class=

" Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College, the school in June 13th for the cleaning tool for sequestration. Reporter Shi Tao photo reporter observed, trapped iron alkali blisters traces, the size of a diameter greater than the diameter of six feet, one foot four ordinary wok.

in the evening of June 14th, Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College, the person responsible for the Canteen Manager Zhang explained the situation to reporters. Reporter Shi Tao photo:

school canteen management needs to be strengthened to establish health supervision report prize system

school official told reporters, on the morning of 13 was informed of the news, they ordered someone's gift business district 1.3 immediately sealed storage of cleaning tools, and immediately to the Chongqing Municipal Food and drug supervision and management Bureau Yongchuan District branch the bulletin.

school officials said, through the incident to realize that the school management in the canteen there are still shortcomings, need to be further standardized. Next, the school will strengthen the safety and health of the canteen supervision and management, the establishment of canteen safety and health supervision system. To reflect the college canteen hygiene and safety investigation and verification, the college will provide certain incentives for whistleblowers, and someone's responsibility for serious treatment.

yesterday we were in the canteen to re posted a notice of supervision and reporting, announced the phone, but also set up a complaint box, the quality of the food reflected in the office. "The person in charge said.

of the Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College in June 13th, the school has been ordered to stop on the two floor cafeteria gift area window. Reporter Shi Tao photo

food and Drug Administration: the canteen food dishes checks found no abnormal

in Chongqing water conservancy and electric power Career Academy report, Chongqing City Commission for Discipline Inspection of food and drug supervision and Management Bureau Yongchuan District Branch hospital and composed a special investigation team to the scene investigation and verification, and released the survey results to the reporter.

by the special investigation team preliminary investigation, the net "broom" is a special tool used for cleaning the stove, the stove wall oil, a network of "pot" is used for cleaning oil water heating pot, the pot is not used for cooking food.

Chongqing food and Drug Administration of Yongchuan District branch of Chongqing water conservancy and electric power of the Career Academy canteen food, dishes to carry out a sample inspection, not found abnormal.

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