"Lotus Lantern" evaluation: "the light show The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, god"

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aiyouxi· 2016-06-15 14:52:06

filed a "Lotus Lantern", we should not feel strange, Aquilaria pishanjiumu myth is believed most of buddy to become a favourite tale, the impression from the Shanghai art film studio "Lotus Lantern" movie animation, the animation even in now also belong to the boutique, the film was released in July 30, 1999. And won the nineteenth Chinese Golden Rooster Award for best art film award. "Lotus Lantern" Mobile Games reproduction film incense through hardships Baishixueyi, finally through the Cardinals beat uncle erlangshen rescued the mother's story. In the game, we can China and Chen fought in classical mythology, gods and monsters will be full debut, cool pets, mounts and wings etc.. Let us see it.

"Lotus Lantern" game based on China folk myth "incense mountain". The overall picture style is similar to Chinese water color painting, pay attention to symmetry and unity, through the use of clever color techniques, to show a dust of artistic conception. Game art team is very solid, Chinese wind art style implement the interface everywhere, characters and distinctive characteristics, let people have the desire to collect, battle screen smooth and coherent, strong sense of combat.

in addition to the classical style, impressive background music and games. A collection of zither, erhu and flute and other ancient musical instruments as the "love on the word" music, melodious and graceful, with elegant picture, back in the brain form.

"Lotus Lantern" Mobile Games used more commonly used character card collection plus a copy of the level of play. The cards include the main character Lv Dongbin, pig, small white dragon and many folk mythology and the "Lotus Lantern" story line in. The main plot of the film passes through the animation game player continues to order a copy, unlock character card, complete collection of.

in terms of gameplay, the game with the most similar horizontal version of the card Mobile Games, arena, gangs, expedition, climb the tower, the experience of money this material. The game in addition to a copy of the play also has many other play arena, town demon tower, town demon tower on each floor will have three teams and a team of monster BOSS, and treasure two. There will also be a monster treasure. So a total of 5 battles. There will be a very rich reward and black market currency have a treasure battle after the victory, as long as the destroyed chest, then enter the next layer.

the "Lotus Lantern" true animation plot, both horizontal version of common play cards, there are no common genus of orb combos play, style and sound of classical game is for people the most impressive place, this music can let people listen to the day. If you have seen the "Lotus Lantern", then I believe you will find in the game once moved, even if not seen lotus lantern, the game also won't let you down.

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